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Wednesday 14. 03. 2018


Avocado Sculpture!


Wednesday 07. 03. 2018


Nenthead in Cumbria last week

Wednesday 31. 01. 2018


This is my friends’ cat, Cherokee. Cherokee is probably the most formidable cat I have ever met. At least twice the size of my cat Dipper and all muscle.  He disdained to bring back presents of small song birds, instead returning with rats and full grown rabbits.  He once tackled a herring gull and nearly won (the gull managed to take off so he had to let go).  He has so dominated my friend’s dog (which is twice his size) that he has trained the dog to lick out his ears and other bits he can’t reach himself, while reclining in what was supposed to be the dog’s bed. (The dog is permitted to use the bed as a sort of Cherokee warmer, wrapped around the cat).

Sadly, as the photo shows, even the awesome Cherokee in his prime was no match for the one power greater than even  his: that of little girls.