Some useful html commands for formatting text.

Blockquote: <blockquote>text</blockquote>

Bold: <b> text </b>

Emphasis: <em>text</em>

Italic: <i>text</i>

Underline: <u>text</u>

Strikethrough: <strike> text </strike>

Image: <img src=”[insert address]”>

Coloured text: <p style=”color:[insert colour];”> text </p>

Font size: <p style=”font-size:[insert pixel size]px;”> text </p>


77 responses to “Formatting”

  1. boodgeisconfused says :

    Trying that again…

  2. Bill says :
    Beaufort wind scale Wind descriptive terms Sea descriptive terms
    0 Calm Calm (glassy)
    1 Light air Calm (rippled)
    2 Light breeze Smooth (wavelets)
    3 Gentle breeze Slight
    4 Moderate breeze Slight–Moderate
    5 Fresh breeze Moderate
    6 Strong breeze Rough
    7 Near gale Rough–Very rough
    8 Gale Very rough–High
    9 Severe gale High
    10 Storm Very High
    11 Violent storm Very High
    12 Hurricane Phenomenal
  3. Bill says :

    The FenceWalkerer Scale of Inebriation

    FS Person Description Person’s Behaviour
    0 Sober Dull
    4 Indulges in serious conversation Lucid
    7 Indulges in serious conversation Talking rubbish mainly. Shirt tail showing.
    12 Looks like Bill Is Bill
  4. Bill says :

    one to three red

  5. xenium1 says :

    How about:

    11 – Looks like a fairly sober Bill – Prepared to come on to Bill


  6. thetx says :

    10 Could be Billish – Has cock out

  7. Sleepy Chow says :

    I’m sure we decided 12 was something akin to: “IU loiivsess tyere bastarfds. Fuicfk offf.”

  8. Sleepy Chow says :

    “CU pick” meggle.
    Press edit then copy and paste:

  9. Sleepy Chow says :

    “TotP” meggle:

  10. Sleepy Chow says :

  11. boodgeisconfused says :

    Can’t see how that’s going to work, but…

  12. wendymoon63 says :

    Nice photo.
    What a great dogging picnic spot.

  13. Bill says :

    Here’s one I did earlier:

  14. moonshines63 says :


  15. Sleepy Chow says :

    FF info from Pranks, 2.8.14

    For those of you who have already registered, the joining code for Ciffing Underground is 46401-200860

    For those of you who haven’t and fancy a go then:

    Go to
    Register/create team
    Click ‘leagues’
    Click ‘join a league’
    Choose ‘private league’
    Enter code above

    Et violin, you’re in

  16. Bill says :


    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

    Suitable for children aged 3 to 11 years

  17. Bill says :

    Happy new year Fing and all the best for 2015

  18. Marianne says :

    How do we get to be able to post pictures, please?

  19. Marianne says :

    And how do we get added to Blog Roll, please?
    Mine is here: The Council of Consummate Iniquity. There is generally a lot about history, human rights, and literature. And Dwarves.

  20. moonshines63 says :

    Does the old method still work?

  21. moonshines63 says :


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