CU Community Standards

1) Cifunderground is a fun, light-hearted and supportive site for those who want to natter, play, exchange ideas and information, discuss matters of some or no importance, moan, vent or rant.

2) Everyone is welcome despite past activities elsewhere but please do not be an arsehole here

3) Disrespecting posters is not the vibe of this site. Leave your hate and coat at the door or fight your battles elsewhere please. Discussions and debates are welcome but must be in keeping with CU’s friendly vibe. It is up to all of us to maintain the feel good factor we have built here.

4)  If you are moaning or venting about other posters, here or elsewhere, please do not identify them by name. On the other hand, if you wish to say how gloriously fabulous someone is then naming them is positively encouraged.

5) Post a choon. Preferably a good one.

6) If you would like one of your own posts removed then it can be done but may make the thread disjointed so please think before you post rather than after.

7) If something is said which you believe ought not to remain on the thread please create a post tagged with #MOD REQUEST and explain the issue. Chundies will discuss and decide what action, if any, is required. Remember, we’re all in this together. The only exception to these issues being discussed by the community would be if the comment is blatantly abusive. Common sense will hopefully come into play.


7 responses to “CU Community Standards”

  1. leopold1904 says :

    Well I like it sleeps but can we have a subsection for those the Scottish tendency – a CU Jimmy appendix??

  2. cyanbloo says :

    Er. Is the unwritten rule, no 7, now the unwritten rule no 8?

  3. fingsaint says :

    yep cyan – that’s the “fuck ’em” rule if I’m not mistaken 🙂

  4. cyanbloo says :

    Ta bill,
    Reassuring that it’s still there/not there as an ultimate fallback position. 😀

  5. fantasyforum says :

    If you are moaning or venting about other posters, here or elsewhere, please do not identify them by name.”
    I know what you mean, but identifying them without namimg them is pretty straightforward.
    It’s not enough to just say “don’t name them”
    Hope you understand what I’m getting at, and that this is a helpful comment. Cheers.

  6. bobness says :

    it’s a love in

  7. Sleepy Chow says :

    Better than a hate in … 😉

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