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Sunday, 18.6.17


Art by October Jones.

Friday 16.6.17

A bit different today.

Here’s a quiz for y’all:

  1.  What does a queen bee do when she burps?
  2.  Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill?
  3.  What is yellow and white and throws itself off the edge of the dining table?
  4.  Who invented King Arthur’s round table?
  5.  What sort of star is dangerous?
  6.  Why are soldiers so tired on April 1st?
  7.  Who won the monster beauty contest?
  8.  What weighs six tons and wears glass slippers?
  9.  What is a myth?

Sunday 4.6.17


“My dog was the first person to get me out of the house … my woofular unit needing a walk.  Animals are excellent to have around because they are so untroubled by existence and unwaveringly confident in their ability to enjoy stuff (even if that stuff if rolling in fox poo).”  Rubyetc

“Woofular unit” – fab.