Wednesday 27. 09. 2017


Girl Hero Killers of the Anarcho-Feminist Revolution launch an amphibious attack in East Suffolk –    Viva!


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  1. Tybo says :

    Oh yes, Polly. I would think most people get to middle age without anything bad at all happening.

    Is your boss on drugs?

  2. polly says :

    Dunno T, but she appears to be losing it.

    I didn’t tell her what had happened. She can stuff her fake compassion up her bum.

  3. polly says :

    To give an example, one woman, who was the worst and who never shut up for a second, confidently claiming, while waving her arms about, that we would not get out pensions until we were 75″

    Why was the prime minister at your Job Club T?

  4. justamentalpatient says :

    Ooo, ooo! Apocalypse Pompeii is on Horror at nine!

  5. polly says :

    She also asked me when I said my now departed boss had been phoning it in for ages, what ‘phoning it in’ meant.

    Shurely everyone knows that? But since she was ex boss’s direct line manager and hadn’t noticed how pear shaped everything was going, that reflects badly on her of course.

    I would dearly have loved to be a fly on the wall when G told her she had no interest in covering the job – G said she was absolutely gobsmacked that one of the peasants said ‘no ta’ to a bit more money for a lot more aggro.

    She (big boss) has definitely got something going badly wrong, she can’t remember anything. I think it’s menopause, early onset Alzheimer’s or she’s going completely doolally.

    Still, you’re going to reap just what you sow…..

  6. Tybo says :

    The whole thing is a fucking farce – made slightly more bearable by the two people running it. There is a woman who is sort of perky and puts a brave face on, but there is this guy who is obviously at the end of his tether and who just puts his head in his hands when the 75 woman is ranting on.

    It is for over 55s and I think most, or at least the most unemployable ones, were on some sort of programme before being decanted onto this, so I get the impression that he has been having to cope with her for much longer than I have.

    I am going to stick with it though, as there is a faint possibility of some funding for training. It won’t be anything spectacular but if I could get a bit of basic ESOL type training out of them it will be worth enduring a few hours of zombie apocalypse.

  7. polly says :

    Apocalypse Pompeii”

    Does that feature Frankie Howerd Justa?

  8. Tybo says :

    I think my ex-boss at the Good Neighbour Scheme got hit hard by the menopause, Polly.

    It didn’t make sense. By the end she was so utterly useless. But when I took over I came across the work she had done to set the scheme up from Scratch and she had done a lot of good, effective stuff. So something had gone boing at some point.

    Obviously I don’t know it was the menopause (someone else suggested that).

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    “that clearly nothing bad had happened to me yet.”
    Seriously? Wow!

    There are some very strange folk out there.
    I remember overhearing a drama teacher telling another one that Dorian Grey (great production @Leics) would have gone over our heads because it was dark and we had not experienced bad things (at 15). I really wanted to sit her down and tell her my life story, but she was already going grey…

  10. Tybo says :

    I have three huge peaches from Tesco, reduced to half price as it is the last day of their use by date.

    Only they are rock hard, not nearly ripe enough to eat.

    Funny old world, isn’t it. Farmers grow peaches in some Med country, pickers pick them, they are put in lorries and driven to Tesco distribution centres, at some point along the way packed in an unnecessary plastic container and given a use by date, then put in another lorry and shipped off to the Outer Hebrides, unloaded and put out on the shelves by Tesco employees, still not ready to eat, and then marked down before being thrown away!

    The entire growth, harvesting, shipping and packaging cycle of a food product that is at no point ever edible.

  11. polly says :

    Could be menopause, could be Karma T.

    She’s another member of the shiny happy brigade, trying desperately to be positive whilst being buried in shit, (shades of Samuel Beckett) I think it’s probably common or garden nervous breakdown, you can’t repress stuff endlessly, it comes back to bite you.

    NB – by this not implying people bring mental health problems on themselves, just pointing out you can’t positively think your way out of bad shit.

  12. justamentalpatient says :

    Ha! Sounds like fun, tybes. I got sent on an interview and CV course.

    Not long after inteviewing potential trustees.

  13. justamentalpatient says :

    “She’s another member of the shiny happy brigade, trying desperately to be positive whilst being buried in shit,”

    An NHS trust CEO?

    “NB – by this not implying people bring mental health problems on themselves, just pointing out you can’t positively think your way out of bad shit.”

    But, but, but CBT!

  14. Tybo says :

    No, that rings a bell actually, Polly. She used to sit bolt upright with a rictus smile on her face (but not the eyes). You could almost hear her going “la la la la” in her head to shut the terror out.

    In other news I bought a biography of Millais today. Only because it was in the library withdrawn stock for fifty pence.

    I am not really interested in Millais but he was fairly central in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and I am interested in The Romantics and how they influenced the PRs, particularly Christina Rossetti.

    But I looked in the index while I was waiting for the Syrian guys and there is, it seems, not a single reference to Christina. I can’t believe it. She was a central part of the Pre-Raphaelite “Brotherhood” (even if not officially a member being female). By far the most influential and even at the time most highly regarded poet to come out of them.

    So I suspect that the writer is a sexist wanker. I will read a bit to see but I just can’t see how you can leave CR out of the story of the Pre-Raphaelites and the bio makes a lot of Millais being their central figure.

  15. polly says :

    The point I was trying to make Justa, whilst not actually saying it, was that nothing particularly bad was happening to incredible skiving man, other than a bad case of idle bastarditis with a side order of cheating on his wife with a dim temp which is why she left him in the first place, and sexually assaulting other twenty something blonde married women who worked for us at the time (though he would call it ‘making a pass’). ISM is in his fifties BTW.

    Obvs hard to say without actually coming out with it, but I did point out that lots of other people in the office had children (more of them, younger, some with serious disabilities) or parents who needed care and so on, and none of them actually took so much time to deal with it (ISM’s last time off was to help his uncle, apparently).

    So then she then launched into this big spiel about how we all had to cut our colleagues some slack and clearly ‘my time had not yet come’ to be cut such slack because nothing bad had happened, so I burst into tears and she said ‘Oh I’ve upset you’… and that she was sensing a lot of resentment and I shouldn’t let it eat me up. I thought ‘well why not fucking do something about the situation then’.

    That’s management skills for you. But as I said when G also complains, they won’t be able to dismiss at as just me whining about nothing.

    I also gave our new temporary line manager (who is actually lovely and not done anything to deserve this) the figures showing conclusively me and G were doing approximately twice as much work as ISM. Hardly surprising since he’s only there half hte time.

  16. justamentalpatient says :

    Ah. I see. Nice bit of twisting, there, to turn it against you.

    ISM needs to meet my Barry (the bokken).

  17. polly says :

    “No, that rings a bell actually, Polly. She used to sit bolt upright with a rictus smile on her face (but not the eyes). You could almost hear her going “la la la la” in her head to shut the terror out.”

    Done a course of NHS CBT no doubt T. Big boss did say she’d ‘made herself ill’ in a similar situation. Problem is I don’t think she’s got well.

    The terror is there I’m afraid. You can’t outrun it.

  18. polly says :

    Yeah, I think she thinks I was born yesterday Justa.

  19. polly says :

    A good manager would say ‘look there’s obviously a problem here, let’s deal with it here and now’. But she is just hoping this ‘really good’ person who doesn’t fricking exist (well they do, but don’t want the job) will come along and deal with it.

    All she has to do is say “I notice you’ve been taking a lot of time off to deal with personal issues. While we try to be supportive and encourage work life balance, we have to consider the impact on the whole team, I’d like you to work with me to develop a strategy that addresses that’.

    No one has had the ovaries to say that to him though. As I said we had a manager who was poised to do it who was fooking brilliant and they drove her away.

  20. justamentalpatient says :

    I often wonder how such people end up in their roles. Then I remember our last few PMs.

  21. polly says :

    Nobody really good wants the job Justa. Simple really. They do say most CEOs are psychopaths.

    Who can explain IDS? Other than Beelzebub himself?

  22. polly says :

    Maybe I SHOULD apply for the job for shits and giggles……

  23. polly says :

    Not to get it, but I reckon I could really destabilise the group exercises.

  24. polly says :

    BTW if you have a skiving work colleague and are looking for light relief, I can highly recommend ‘Cat out of Hell’ by Lynn Truss, which culminates with a skiving work colleague being torn to bits by a demonic talking cat.

    I think Lynn Truss clearly once had a really annoying skiving work colleague.

  25. justamentalpatient says :

    There is the risk that you end up getting it. Or find yourself labelled as unstable at w**k.

  26. polly says :

    Well yeah, destabilise them subtly obviously. Not go full Network.

  27. polly says :

    Or I try to find a demonic talking cat.

  28. polly says :

    Oh well I’m orf to bed. Night all…..

  29. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    “just pointing out you can’t positively think your way out of bad shit”

    ‘Zactly, Polly, or colour your way out as my “counsellor” suggested I did.

    Back in a min, I have some catching up to do.

  30. xenium1 says :

    Tybo, I only do 3,5 hours a day here. Was doing 5 to 7,5 hours a day in BCN.

    How knackered was I? Bloody, that’s how. But it’s all good fun… 😉

  31. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    To stay up for “Today at Conference” or bed? Bed is really comfy but the speech was supposed to be really good ….

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