Saturday 12.8.17

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  1. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Well, what the flip. Micheal Flipping Gove has told Sheffland to stop cutting down the trees. What do we do now? V good thing. From a man who wholly confuses me. On some things (reversing May’s prison abuses, eg) and now this, v good. But he’s a shite!

    Suppose what I come away with is no-one is totally a shite. Except quite a lot are.

  2. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    PS, balloon update: No visible balloons. Low cloud over the channel.

    If I really had to choose, balloons or trees, it would have to be the trees.

    Back to bed, I think. 🙂 x

  3. Bill says :

    To Ashbourne!

  4. JamesFrance says :

    Morning Fings!
    An intriguing image up there, and no mistake.

    This morning in t’graun, an echo of dear old Terry Pratchett – firefighters setting fire to things to give themselves something to do. A faint echo, therefore, of pub landlords setting fire to their pubs to claim insurance (“insewerants” as Rincewind has it, from Twoflower):

  5. JamesFrance says :

    Hey Fifty !
    Thing is, do not ever forgt that Gove is Gove. There is no “balance because of doing one good thing for one bad thing”, there’s “get rid of him because he does bad things”.

    This I know is open to accusations of intolerance and irrational dogmatism in the face of ideological pragmatism (a good few isms never hurts in a political discussion 🙂 ).

    Nevertheless, the thing is one goes for the best option in all cases. There is a better option than Gove, so that is the one to go for.

    Or in a word, if one remembers not to focus on the bloke in the driving seat, then all of sudden it becomes clear that the one in the driving seat should be replaced, even if he didn’t crash the car on the last trip to Ashbourne, and we are still in one piece. Nevertheless: Chuck him out !


    I rambled a little, and mentioned Ashbourne (Hi Bill !), because it is a fascinating question this “what to do when politicians one disapproves of fundamentally do things right?”.
    We must speak of this further 🙂

  6. Bill says :

    Kedgeree for brunch. Gorgeous.

  7. Bill says :

    When Gove announced IT education was crap, it was great to watch CiF meltdown as BTLers had to agree with him. I believe several exploded.

  8. brusselsexpats says :

    Morning all,

    Amazing banner – looks like a sci-fi version of Anubis, the Jackal-headed Egyptian god of mummification.

    Except that now genetic testing (yes there must have been a jackal mummy somewhere) now says that the image of Anubis comes from the African golden wolf rather than a jackal.

    Whatever it is quite awesome. And I love wolves.

    Have a good day all.

  9. brusselsexpats says :

    Have just seen that the group that puts on theatre in the ruins of the Abbey of Villers-la_Ville each summer will stage the Caligula of Camus next year.

    A must see.

    Saw the play in the theatre about two years ago and it was great. You can’t go wrong with the Roman ruling class for a gripping story.

    Off to town in this dreary weather – it’s one day fine, the next autumnal at the moment.

  10. polly says :

    Good morning, I see a woman who is not thin has worn a bikini and taken a photograph that she has posted on Instagram (why?). I’ve seen men who are not thing in swimming trunks, or without shirts in the street loads of times, but strangely no one has declared that this is a revolutionary act which has liberated men.

  11. polly says :

    typo: men who are not thin, so I’m sure some men are thing as well.

  12. polly says :

    Another question, why on the Graun’s ‘blind date’ do so many of the women seem to be thoroughly unpleasant and be paired with nice men?

  13. polly says :

    51, don’t be confused. The trees being cut down have grown so large that their roots are making using the pavements a hazard for anyone trying to use a buggy/wheelchair, with any type of mobility difficulty or visual impairment. Cutting them down is therefore perfectly reasonable, they will presumably be replaced with smaller less disruptive trees, and I have no idea what it has to do with Michael Gove. So Gove is still a shite as far as I’m concerned as he doesn’t want people who aren’t nimble as mountain goats to be able to walk down the street.

    I can’t really understand the national obsession with trees. It’s easy enough to plant another one if you have to cut one down.

  14. emmachisset says :

    “Do trees pollute the atmosphere?

    Yes, just as president Ronald Reagan said in 1981. “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do,”

  15. cyanbloo says :

    polly, no, sorry, fuzzy connection between two bits of parcel string, that is, afraid not.
    i’ll give you that tree roots can cause pavement damage and that a small number of the many trees that have been scheduled for the chop here in sheffland may have done that but it’s not what is happening here at all,

    not sure how familiar you are with sheffland but it has many many areas where the roads are lined with much loved mature trees. these trees have stood as mature tree for the entirety of my life, (obviously they may be a little bigger now than then) i remember my shock at the contrast as a child when one had to be removed and was replaced by a tiddler. i’ve seen this happen now and then where needed with no protest over my 53 years. but that’s not what is happening here, now.

    healthy trees causing no problems are being chopped along with trees that only have a small potential for property damage (as in parked cars, which of course have always been at risk but was never a problem) all in an unprecedented wholesale and city wide prolific cull off healthy trees that don’t cause the trouble that you cite.
    indeed for a long time sheffields pavements and roads have been appauling, regardless and not in relation to the tree population, the poor state being identical tree lined or not.
    the council didn’t give a f**k for many, many years until they aquired the money from the euopean union to fix roads and pavements, good job we got that grant paid before last summer or trees or no trees disabled and able bodied would have just had to lump the crappy pavements and roads as they had previosly been told too.

    the arguement you cite is one of the nonsenses that the council (and i stress only one of many ) to justify their policy used to try and silence protestors by shaming them as disabled people haters. (a tactic which you veer perilously close too there) the irony that many of the protestors are disabled and wobbly elderly is rather lost on them. anyway they certainly don’t mind carting them off to clink for protesting after sneaky night raids to chop down trees while protestors were expected to be asleep.

    thing is polls we want to keep our trees, and i am so tired of what ammounts to sloppy logic, shaming tactics, lies and propoganda, like your comment, being thrown around in a careless general fashion by the council here, who have ignored all entreaties from all groups. so if i sound a bit feisty it’s not you but my general ire for sheffield labour councillors.

    as for michael gove, he can go f**k himself, whatever he says.

  16. cyanbloo says :

    ….and besides what am i supposed to swing through?

  17. cyanbloo says :

    and afternoon peep holes. 🙂

  18. Bill says :

    Wotcha Cyan,

    It’s bloody, buggery started raining.

  19. cyanbloo says :

    heya bill, still sunny here, hope it’s not catching.

  20. cyanbloo says :

    fings, your banner piccy reminds me of nemesis the warlock of 200ad comic fame. a brilliant series and great chracter.

  21. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Don’t know what came over me this morning, I think it was the shock that Gove had said/done 2 things in his life that I can agree with. Don’t worry, there is no danger of me going over to the dark side.

    Ey up Cyan, yes indeed, my big bro’s mil is involved in the save the trees campaign, she lives close to the street that Amey’s people knocked up at 5am to move their cars for the dawn slaughter of the trees. 😦

    Right, beer and garden, the balloons should be going up at 6pm (in perfect weather there would be mass ascents at 6am and 6pm from Thursday evening until Sunday, so far I’ve only seen them once).

  22. polly says :

    “The arguement you cite is one of the nonsenses that the council (and i stress only one of many ) to justify their policy used to try and silence protestors by shaming them as disabled people haters. (a tactic which you veer perilously close too there) ”

    Not really Cyan, there are lots of mature trees round here which make the pavements incredibly uneven huge great tree roots raising up what is essentially an uneven ramp about 6 inches high. And though I have no problem walking down said streets, I’d hate to have to do it if I was unsteady on my feet or in a wheelchair.

    I wish the council would chop those trees down frankly, they’re a menace. And since people ring us up at work all the time about trees – dawg knows why, my job is nothing to do with trees, I know the British tree obsession all too well. It may be that some of the trees aren’t currently a problem, but I supppose it’s an economies of scale thing. If they’ve hired some tree choppers, it’s easier to do the lot now before they become a problem. Which they inevitably will do at some point.

    I just don’t get why people are so bothered about trees I’m afraid. They’re big plants. My house is full of slaughtered trees……

  23. polly says :

    Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do”

    Well they harbour squirrels, which is one reason why I’m not a friend of trees. They also block the light to the back of my house, are quite probably destroying my drains and don’t need planning permission.

  24. Bill says :

    There’s a tree root that’s raised the surface of a bend on Long Lane a fair bit. The first time you hit it at 65 m.p.h in a Smart, it sends you across the road toward a ditch.

    I never managed to take it at 70 m.p.h, but it was great fun trying.

    I like trees.

  25. polly says :

    They’re just big plants Bill.

  26. polly says :

    “what’s the truth about UK house prices? ”

    The press is obsessed with them?

  27. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all, how’s Ahbourne, Bill? Did tree roots make the drive in the Smart exciting?

    Here I fixed a bike. That is, I told the bike man to fix the ten year old bike that’s brilliant but has these stupid drum brakes.
    I can’t fix drum brakes on a bike, ain’t got no tools, ain’t got no workshop (imaging me strumming blues as I sing that).

    Then bought books. This may be a diogenes thing: I haven’t got that many books, but for someone living in uni accomodation, it may become “too many” quite fast.

    Books are OK. Who’s read “Surely you’re Joking Mr. Feynman”? A delightfully entertaining autobiography by an entertaining bloke.

  28. JamesFrance says :

    I like fixing things. I wish I had a house, and a workshop, and tools. Maybe this is a middle aged thing: an urge to buy tools and do manly repair things in a workshop.
    I don’t want motorbikes and leather biking gear though, so I’m OK I think 🙂

    I have mates who had the mid-life crisis biker thing precociously, in their thirties. The advantage there is that they had their life-threatening biker crashes when they were hale and hearty. In their forties or fifties, they might not have made it 🙂

    Bikes: Bill, don’t ride motorbikes, especially with these killer trees, like the forest in Tom Bombadil’s … well, forest, with old man Willow singing the hobbits to sleep by the riverbank.
    And the ents. Who remembers the ents? Brilliant name: “Ent”. Bravo, Mr. Tolkien.

  29. JamesFrance says :

    I should have put up the lord of the rings:

  30. polly says :

    I’ve bought books today James. Rubbish books and good books. I bought the Torygraph in Smiths because you got ‘Birdcage Walk’ for £3.49 and I want to read Birdcage Walk ,but then had some big thing at the till where she asked me if I wanted free water as well. So I got a cheap book and free water.

  31. polly says :

    I saw a great house yesterday in the local rag James, I wish I could buy it.

    That is my dream house, middle of a moor…..

  32. polly says :

    I’m reading the piece about clean eating on the Graun. I saw a book today in Waterstone’s entitled ‘how not to die’ which seems like a hefty promise for a self help book. Presumably chapter 1 is about being conceived by the holy spirit getting your virgin mother up the duff.

  33. emmachisset says :

    hey James, my copy of LotR has that cover, i still have it, in a kitchen cupboard, [bought in ’75 approx.

  34. polly says :

    I just read this in the Graun, I hadn’t seen it before. Breathtaking, literally.

  35. NuitsdeYoung says :

    In case you were wondering about my brocade waistcoat and customised almandine and Dieppe ivory swivel brooch… Here are both sides of the brooch and the waistcoat.

  36. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Had a spiffy day. Sorted out post, removal men removed most of the dead cardboard boxes, and there was a food festival in Queen’s Gardens (small park in city centre in what was an 18C dock until 1930-ish). I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe and an ‘After Eight’ Espresso Martini (which is an Espresso Martini with added chocolate and mint!).

  37. polly says :

    Sounds delicious Nuits, espresso, chocolate and mint being 3 of my favourite things.

  38. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Polly: especially as the chocolate comes in the form of Mozart liqueur…

  39. Paul says :

    Hi Polly and Nuits

  40. polly says :

    Hi Paul, I think it’s nearly bedtime here, but nice to see you drop by with a choon.

  41. Paul says :

    ….and another cover from an artist i really like.

  42. Paul says :

    Nite Polly. Hope all’s well.

  43. polly says :

    I got up early as electrician coming round.

  44. polly says :

    Nite Paul. I am fine but tired and there is apparently a nasty smell in Manchester. Make of that what you will.

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