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  1. polly says :

    “It was my 32nd birthday when she got splatted, so we raised a glass in the pub: “One down, how many more to go?”

    All birthdays should be like that Nuits.

  2. polly says :

    Current headline on the Mail refers to “18 Strong Asian sex gang including a white woman”. So that would be an approximately 94.5% Asian sex gang then?

  3. polly says :

    Trump and Kim Jong whatshisface look like they’ve been seperated at birth. Both got chubby faces, bad hair and tiny mouths.

  4. Paul says :

    Hi Polly and anyone else who’s about

    Whilst we all hold our breath in anticipation of a possible armageddon i thought an SDT -ie Steely Dan Track- might help break the tension..

  5. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Indeed, Polly!
    As Mark Steel writes so delightfully in Vive La Révolution:
    “None of the above is to deny that Marie Antoinette was indeed one of the great figures of the revolution. She was specially selected, as a virgin of noble stock, to marry the heir to the throne, had an illicit affair with an army officer, fell out with the royal family she’d married into, spent unfeasible amounts on clothes and jewellery, became obsessed with charity and lost her life abruptly in her thirties in the middle of Paris. You simply don’t get characters like that in modern times.”

  6. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Let’s get happy…

  7. Paul says :

    Spoof of the ”Happy Song”

  8. NuitsdeYoung says :

    I love the utterly barking ‘Harry Potter’-ish video for this. Bonnie is clearly a teacher at Hogwarts…

  9. polly says :

    Hi Paul and Nuits

    My puter just had a hissy fit courtesy of Mr Gates, but I’m back now.

  10. polly says :

    Yes that is a mad vid nuits, which is why it lent itself so well to this

  11. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Yup. Since ‘Harry Potter’, it works even better, too!

    Here’s more from Bonnie. This isn’t the original video, but it’s fun, because sometimes real heroes are less like ‘Hercules’ and more the human version of a Jack Russell terrier. This boy may look like a delinquent version of “Oor Wullie”, with gold teeth and tobacco-spitting, but nearly a century ago in Appalachia, Police Chief William Sidney ‘Two-Gun Sid’ Hatfield (c. 1891/93-1921) became a legend for taking on the coal company hired guns, to the bitter end:

  12. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening All

    A tornado hit* Pontypool, it did £1.73** of damage:

    Sleeps, I might try to get another smaller gathering the following weekend, I have to be within 20 miles of there anyway visiting bro. But there’s the balloon festival over in Bristol, we don’t go but a number of neighbours do their own thing in their own gardens all in a row here rather jollily and socially whilst watching the 130+ hot air balloons rise and descend over the channel. L next door is still next door with a broken leg/ankle (she was briefly not next door, they are technically separated but she’s back whilst she’s not v mobile but soon off again 😦 ).

    * It didn’t really “hit”, it just threatened.

    ** My estimate of the damage caused if it had.

  13. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Have given the user icon a makeover, with a bit of help from Max.

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