Monday, 7th August 2017


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  1. Paul says :

    I’ve been reading about how hot it’s become down your way Clocks.

    Hope you’re able to keep your lady garden watered otherwise it might become so parched it’ll simply drop off and you’ll end up with a brazilian. 🙂

  2. Paul says :

    Cue Patti Austin track

  3. emmachisset says :

    not me Paul, i’m eighty miles away………………tho the weather’s fairly similar mostly.

    I just chilled a bottle of wine in the fridge for a couple of hours,

    opened it to find that it’s a red ! doh.

  4. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    Depressing little link there, Paul.

    I’m off to Cropredy Festival at the end of the week.

  5. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening All

    Emms, I prefer red wine chilled. Well, that is, I don’t really like the tanins in red wine and chilling it seems to quieten them, come to think of it, so does heating it, the only time I really drink it is mulled at x**s. Anyhouses, hope you’re enjoying it.

    Still an iffy broadband connection here, it’s mostly ok now, I think unless anyone rings me when it immediately drops out but comes back on when the phone call ends. When I rang out yesterday it didn’t drop. V odd. Still, another engineer Wed. Oh joy.

    Polly, you asked about a cheap pressure washer the other day, I’ve never owned one of my own but I did notice a while back that Aldi Online were doing one for about £40 and it seemed to have good reviews (I was looking for a steam cleaner and sort of wandered ….).

    Hi Lagrande, what and where is Cropredy?

  6. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Yay Sleeps, you’re back! Hope you had a lovely time and were just a little bit pampered. *Gives a scrat that makes the back leg do that involuntary thing – no not the humping!* 😉 x

    2007 I was living up the other mountain and the sun shone day after day, so much so my son and I built a bbq because I refused to be indoors cooking after being indoors at w**k all day when I had the Usk valley as my alternative kitchen. Can’t remember if it was that winter or the next one that snowed stupidly high, though.

  7. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    Oxfordshire. It’s Fairport Convention’s very own festival. This year’s festival is a special, as it’s fifty years since the band was founded.

  8. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Googled it, looks/sounds good, hope you have fun.

  9. Paul says :

    Which link was depresing Lagrande ? I know i tend to regress when i post here but i wasn’t aware any of my links were depressing.

    Hope all’s well with you in not so sunny Wales.For some reason i was thinking of the late Leni and a discussion i once had with her about the impact global warming was likely to have on this country.Especially in the East of England which is already prone to droughts.

    Anyway Leni ,who lived in Wales,talked about the suplus of water in Wales and the fact investment was needed in the infrastructure needed to transport water to the East of England.So with the right political will the problem could be solved.

    Can’t see that happening under the Tories who’ll probably encourage the people living in the Tory stronghold that is the East of Engkand to upsticks and move to Wales killing two birds with one stone.For they won’t need to invest in piping the water and the ”invasion” from the East of England could make Wales a Tory stronghold rather than the Labour stronghold it currently is.

    Hope Leni’s resting easy wherever she is

    Please give my regards to Monswer and Fancyman.

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