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  1. xenium1 says :

    I was in a German restaurant & ordered sauerkraut & sausage. The waiter brought a plate of cabbage. I said, “Excuse me, but where’s the sausage?” The waiter replied, “The wurst is yet to come.”

  2. xenium1 says :

    What with losing his job & his wife filing for divorce, Anthony Scaramucci is one dead dog away from being a country music classic…

  3. xenium1 says :

    And I see Bucks Fizz have a new album coming out. No, that’s not a joke. Oh, that it were. Oh, that it were…

  4. xenium1 says :

    Just saw two young deer running through a wheat field.

    Anyhoo, I think I’ll…

  5. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Ah, it’s too early in the morning to remind me of the wonders of choucroute garni in Strasbourg, Xen…

  6. Tybo says :

    Morning and happy Glorious Second (start of the vegan hunting season)

  7. neartheclocktower says :

    Morning all

    Good job I’m not vegan, then.

    Looks like I’ve got some work for Sept to Dec. I’ll need more to keep the wolf from the door, but at least it’s a start.

  8. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Morning, all!
    Still doing battle with cardboard boxes…

  9. Bill says :

    Nice one Clocks.

    Morning all.

  10. Sleepychow says :

    How jolly strange.

    Morning all.

    Nice one, Clocks, and I hope Watch is enjoying our steady drizzle.

    At least you’re actually unpacking, Nuits. A lot of folk simply move boxes from place to place without ever opening them.

    Still thinking about your deer comment, Xen. I may be some time …………

  11. Sleepychow says :

    Looking into snoring reducing methods and devices.

    Done an online test.

    The device recommended for me is a snip at £129.00.
    I wonder if I can get it on prescription … ?

  12. neartheclocktower says :

    Cheers, Bill and Sleeps

    Just spent a couple of hours looking for my health card, ready for physio appointment tomorrow. Had a eureka moment – it was under my keyboard! Must have fallen under after I made my last doc appointment.

    The Watch is somewhere near you, I think, Bill. She’s with her friend’s grandparents. I made sure she took her umbrella, but couldn’t persuade her to take anything warmer than one sweatshirt.

  13. neartheclocktower says :

    Sleeps, if you’ve got sleep apnea it may be possible, as it can be life threatening.

    Mind you, all snoring is life threatening if you’ve got an extremely pissed off partner 🙂

  14. Sleepychow says :

    I’m hiding the knives as we speak, Clocks.

    G’s not sure if I stop breathing but he’s going to look out for it now. Last night he went to the loo in the early hours and coming back in he thought some fool was doing roadworks or revving up their engine.

    Funny … but not.

  15. neartheclocktower says :

    Where I won’t be going on holiday!

    Talking of which, does anyone know when Theresa May is due back. Wouldn’t like to bump into her.

  16. neartheclocktower says :

    Mr occasionally stops breathing, but mostly it’s ‘normal’ snoring.

  17. Sleepychow says :

    ” It replaces a previous bridge that had been damaged by rock falls.”


  18. Sleepychow says :

    Other suggestions are that I’d do well to change the (feather) duvet and (not feather) pillows, do a regular deep clean of the whole room, flush my nostrils twice daily and find some comfy ear-plugs for G.

    Oh, and lose weight.

  19. Sleepychow says :

    … and to not drink alcohol for the four hours before sleep.

  20. Sleepychow says :



    Laters all.

  21. interiorbc says :

    nice banner tybo, hahahahaha!

  22. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Sleeps, if I didn’t open and dismantle the boxes, I would not be able to move. In a 1-bedroom flat, leaving stuff in boxes just isn’t possible.
    At least the walls are looking good. All the usual pin-ups in place: Flavius Claudius Julianus, Conrad of Montferrat, Aleksei Petrovich, Patrick Ferguson, Max de Robespierre, Aubrey Beardsley and Joel ‘Joe Hill’ Hägglund… Female eye-candy courtesy of Messrs Klimt, Mucha and Beardsley; and one or 2 literary characters.

  23. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen with?

  24. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all !
    Xen: hoho, that’s the wurst, thought I’d hitch a lift on that awful pun 🙂
    Choucroute reminds me of school. Wholesome, I suppose, in retrospect. A bit acid, I remember, in … what’s the single word for “remembering” that rhymes or alliterates with “restrospect”? There isn’t one, maybe.

    Choucroute reminds me of school. Wholesome, I suppose, in retrospect. A bit acid, I remember, nostlagispect.

    Hmm. No, nostalgispect does not exist 🙂 Seeme. Could do better.

    I got a fair bit of “Pourrait faire mieux” on my “carnet de correspondance” which was the communication medium between school and parents.

    Did anyone try and forge parent’s signatures in their carnet de correspondance, or British equivalent? I suspect I did, I seem to remember sort of being caught, as in the teacher saying

    Young teacher (she was nice) “Is that your parent’s signature?”
    Me (swooning, maybe) “Miss, I, I think so.

    There, that’s the thoughts choucroute brings to mind. Not too keen on the stuff myself, I’m afraid. I prefer … Paella Valenciana !

  25. JamesFrance says :

    p.s. should have said, the nice young teacher (nice) let me off, I believe, though I can’t perfectly recall this event since I were only young 🙂

  26. JamesFrance says :

    p.p.s that choucroute digression onto … teachers we were quite enamoured of, is probably not completely unrelated to Nuits’ post just above, now I think of 🙂

  27. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Oh, I love choucroute garni! I must make some again: get a jar of sauerkraut and add some sausages and ham.

    No, I never faked letters/signatures. I’ve aways played by the rules. That’s why it hurts that life has kicked me in the teeth so often. That’s not meant to happen when you’ve tried to be good as far as you can.

  28. JamesFrance says :

    Nuits, the teacher winked, and let me off. She nice 🙂

    I’m making most of this up, including the teacher. But I vaguely think I might just have done something like that, I can’t be sure.

    The nicest teacher I remember was biology. She caught me making a viking ship out of a pencil. I’d removed the lead, hollowed it out with the scalpels (this being bioloty), made sails from pencil shavings, painted white with tipex and red stripes from some pen, and tiny little oars.
    No vikings though.

    She took it, said “To work. This is a great little ship. I’m keeping it” and off she went with my piece of art. I was too flattered to mind 🙂

    Another teaching episide was I asked my neighbour for the time, “ask the teacher” she answered, which I did. This did not turn out well 🙂

  29. cyanbloo says :

    heya james
    if your still up, i just sent you a few emails.

  30. cyanbloo says :

    boy i’ll have to work out what’s going on with my copy and paste.

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