Tuesday, 1st August 2017


102 responses to “Tuesday, 1st August 2017”

  1. JamesFrance says :

    Hey Nuits, dropping by again – yesterday, no Sunday, I was in there again and walked out with “six not so easy pieces” by Feynman 🙂

    It’s odd, but I’ve always had more affinity with reading in English than in French. Despite French being my first language, and French school and so on. It’s a style thing. Despite a strong preference for a French way ot looking at things, and culture, and so on. Well, many things do not make sense 🙂

    And the hotel looks great.

    Right, bonne nuit !

  2. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Bonne nuit!
    (Have been putting more pictures on the wall…)

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