Friday 14.7.17


I know the significance. It’s Xen’s birthday!

(And getting completely hammered day.)


168 responses to “Friday 14.7.17”

  1. cyanbloo says :

    shhh paul i only just got billy joel off to sleep.

  2. Paul says :

    they are my favourite underknackers

    How many underknackers does a man need ? 🙂

  3. cyanbloo says :

    he posts he scores, totp

  4. cyanbloo says :

    at least a favourite pair surely paul

    and if you want the world record for most worn at least 232 apparently

  5. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Did you write “Inside” and “Outside” on both sides too, could have missed a trick? 😉

  6. cyanbloo says :

    unnecessary fiddy.
    if my legs are through the holes i’m inside, if not i’m outside

    sometimes i just permanent marker some pants on my groin and save some of the trouble.
    permanent markers aren’t so permanent though in the face of monkey groin it turns out.

  7. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Proper lol, Cyan. I follow your logic. x

  8. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I had a white pants wash a couple of weeks ago (I have some funny things, laundry, and other things, wise, pants have to go in alone). About 33 pairs. Then I had to wash some bedding as the pants have to go on the inside of my whirligig drying line and then get covered by what is on the outside, I don’t want the neighbours seeing my knickers. Everyone does stuff like that, right?

  9. cyanbloo says :

    i have heard of those that indulge in the washing thing fiddy but i have always considered it a step too far. consequently i have no white pants per se.

    (but yes many people do do that sort of thing)

  10. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    And if Fings looks in, I have a peg thing too. There must be an equal number on each rung of the whirligig. I have wooden ones though so no matching colour issues.

    No white pants? How do you match them to your bra?


    Nn. xx

  11. cyanbloo says :

    nn fiddy sweet dreams.

  12. Paul says :

    Waves to de@de and wishes her all the best. x

  13. cyanbloo says :

    .doo be doo doodley doo doo di doodely
    bah bah diddley dum de doo.

    *good job they can’t see what i’m doing.*

  14. cyanbloo says :

    that wasn’t me paul.

  15. cyanbloo says :

    this is very silly though

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