Saturday 8.7.17

Art by Frank Gonzales

and a very happy birthday to turminderxuss! Hope all is well with you tx.


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  1. Bill says :

    Hello matelot  

  2. justamentalpatient says :

    Probably the best manufactured band in the world?

  3. Bill says :

    Thanks Justa. It’s a natural talent I have.

  4. justamentalpatient says :

    Nurture it and you could be a champeen!

  5. Bill says :

    I’ve peaked justa. You should have seen me in my youth.

  6. justamentalpatient says :

    How cool is this kid?

  7. justamentalpatient says :

    How are moondribble and the nipper doing?

  8. polly says :

    UK-US trade deal to happen quickly, says Trump”

    Premature negotiation?

  9. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all ! Polly ! That’s a bit rude, isn’t it? Oh, my mistake … carry on 🙂

  10. JamesFrance says :

    Jeez IBC, I can relate to fires, there are often fires in the south of France. A big one last summer.
    But these are as midges compared to your vast area under threat there.

    On an irrelevant note: I’m sore of surprised how soon it’s already become “Summer”. Alright, we’re in July. That’s not soon.
    Maybe my sense of time is evaporating.
    Nevertheless, winter seems recent.

  11. Bill says :

    Fine thanks justa. Both at home and settled in.

  12. interiorbc says :

    james, the mr reminded us last night that winter will be here in 3 1/2 months.
    boo, hiss!

    so, you’ve seen the wee lad Bill? as handsome as you then?

  13. JamesFrance says :

    IBC: Three months ! Say it ain’t so, Joe ! IBC, I mean.
    Hmm “Say it ain’t sea, IBC” – might that mean something? Or “see”

    Soeaking of which, Say it ain’t So – what a song:

  14. JamesFrance says :

    And one thing leading to another, here’s Tom Waits:

  15. JamesFrance says :

    On a political note: why’s Yvette Cooper standing up for Laura Kuensberg?
    Ok, she’s right, nearly (she’s not right when she says “It is her job to ask difficult questions” – that’s just plain denyong the political bias Kuensberg keeps showing.
    Political bias isn’t “tough questions”, it’s political bias. Boo !

    They should stop putting Kuensberg on as political editor. What an idea that was. Put her on … something else. World affairs? Not politics.

  16. JamesFrance says :

    Back to BC: It makes stupping and apoclyptic photos:

  17. Sleepychow says :

    You’d think with all those wildfires year after year there’d be nothing left to burn … or at least some firebreaks.

  18. polly says :

    I’ve never watched Laura Kuensberg James, but everyone seems to think the BBC is biased a different way.

    I read a strange remark by Eddie Izzard in the i today, saying there should be LGBT accountants, lawyers and politicians. I’m fairly sure there already are? Virtually every other lesbian I meet is an accountant (and thus considerably richer than me) and I’m sure there’s some woman called Ruth something or other in Scotland.

    Bizarre remark, although the i was the only newspaper to not get hysterical about sex robots, as it actually had column saying it couldn’t see what the problem was. Oh and the Times had a piece on 3d printed houses and clothes, so maybe they’re dragging that one out of the Phil Space collection again in time for the silly season.

  19. polly says :

    Having read the G piece, I think the point Cooper is making is more about abuse/rage rather than criticism. And she has got a point. I made the mistake of listening to ‘question time’ on t’radio the other night, and had to turn it off when a man in the audience started shouting at the top of his voice.

    I blame Kilroy. Ever since that programme aired, it seems to have become considered a legitimate form of expression to just start yelling about how you angry you are about whatever it is you’re angry about.

    Also whether or not you don’t like an individual MP, it’s up to their local party or not to deselect them. I’m afraid the momentum lot are one of the reasons I’ll never vote labour while Corbyn is leader.

  20. polly says :

    Also though I think certain parties are far too ready to cry ‘misogyny’ where none exists, there is a streak of misogyny in some of this stuff. And indeed anti-semitism in some quarters. I’m not saying by any means that anyone who criticises Berger is anti-semitic, but some who direct abuse at her almost certainly are.

    Since no other world leader has directly criticised Trump though, I think Cooper is being unrealistic in expecting May to do so. Like or loathe it, he’s president of the USA and has to be dealt with. That’s how diplomacy works sometimes. Saying ‘you’re a massive eejit on Twitter Donald’ won’t really help.

  21. interiorbc says :

    There’s some good vids on this site, just keep refreshing it for up to date.
    Top photo is Williams Lake fire, bottom is Ashcroft…see the difference in vegetation?
    We have something like six climate zones in BC, from rainforesty to deserty.

    You would think so sleeps, but the thing is, fires pop up in different places each year, and the Province is quite vast, so you never know just where to build the firebreaks, unless it’s in your own area for protection.
    The mr is out in his big bulldozer today, doing just that.

    Also, we have a lot of trees. A lot of trees.

  22. interiorbc says :

    oh yeah, post the link:

  23. interiorbc says :

    I am off home shortly…back Monday, all things being equal.
    Fingers crossed for no more fires, and safety of those affected.

    nn all

  24. interiorbc says :

    the pic in the upper right is a view from the south Thompson river into Kamloops, the smoke is from the various fires beyond the city: Cache Creek / Ashcroft / 100 Mile…
    where I live is out of the picture way up on the right, and out of town.

  25. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Take care Inty and all Canucks. x

  26. interiorbc says :

    very kind 51, fires mostly just in BC right now, not all across the country fortunately.

  27. interiorbc says :

    well this is good, to be held at the uni tonight, lots of support people for evacuees:

    “KAMLOOPS — An information meeting for wildfire evacuees is scheduled to take place tonight.

    The TNRD says the meeting will be held in TRU’s Grand Hall at 7pm.

    Representatives from numerous agencies will be on site to address evacuees questions and concerns.

    This includes:
    •Representatives from BC Wildfire Management Branch
    •Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
    •Thompson-Nicola Regional District
    •Interior Health
    •Disaster Psychosocial Program
    •Red Cross”

  28. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Polly, someone accused me of “misogyny” once for colourful and baroque language (with a mediæval literary allusion) re: a female politician. But I’ve said the same about male ones. I am a woman, I regard myself as a feminist, and for me, that includes not saying anything about a woman that I wouldn’t equally say about a man, and vice versa. Their sex/gender didn’t matter to me; I was expressing my hatred of their ideology.

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