Thursday 15.6.17

artist Fiona Tang


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  1. Paul says :

    Hopkins by her own admission is a rightwinger Polly.So i doubt she can say the word SOCIALIST let alone talk about what it represents without looking as though someone has let off a really disgusting smelling fart.

  2. Tybo says :

    I thought maybe a dig at Jo Cox and the parties this weekend. But who knows what goes on in that person’s head?

  3. polly says :

    I suppose the one thing you CAN say for May is that she hasn’t yet attributed her incompetence to diabetes.

  4. Paul says :

    Indeed.She calls herself an ardent support of the military but has nothing to say about soldiers who become homeless drug addicts/alcoholics because they can’t adapt to civilian life. Or end up being declared fit for work and not in need of any benefits when they claim esa or pip on account of the physical /mental injuries they got whilst on active service.

    Toxic cow !

  5. polly says :

    Nah Paul she’s actually blaming capitalism. Strange but true.

  6. interiorbc says :

    xen and tybo, danced to a lot of Elton John at uni in the ’70’s!

  7. Paul says :

    she hasn’t yet attributed her incompetence to diabetes.

    Or those vast bags under her eyes.A dab of anasol on each and they’d be gone .

  8. Paul says :

    I haven’t read the article Polly but if she’s blaming capitalism then she’s either had a ”Road To Damascus Moment”-which i very much doubt-or she’s not being entirely candid with her readers.

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    Ah, yes. Jo Cox is more likely, tybes.

  10. Tybo says :

    Do you not accept that Diane Abbot’s car crash interviews were down to diabetes, Polly?


  11. Paul says :

    …..or maybe she just doesn’t understand what capitalism really is and is nothing more than a useful idiot employed by Dacre.I suppose there’s always that possibility.

  12. xenium1 says :

    “Socialism run rampant, it was.”

    Madness, Tybo. Sheer madness.

    They’ll be giving free milk to kids & accepting that working people need some strong representatives to defend their rights* next…

    *Like wot the nice folk of the CBI do for the capitalists.

  13. xenium1 says :

  14. xenium1 says :

  15. xenium1 says :

    But when the sky darkens and the prospect is war
    Who’s given a gun and then pushed to the fore
    And expected to die for the land of our birth
    When we’ve never owned one handful of earth?

  16. xenium1 says :

  17. xenium1 says :

    Ne’er mind, when all they can throw into the pit for our delectation are the likes of May, Gove, Johnson & Osborne, it’s obvious our time is closer than ever. Venceremos! 🙂

    NN all…

  18. Tybo says :

    Night Xen

  19. Emma chisset says :

    Test 22

  20. neartheclocktower says :

    Just cleared my cache,to try to get bbc programmes as was suggested. Seems to have all gone. Bugger!

    And even worse, clearing the cache means I have to register here again. Hope it works.

  21. Sleepychow says :

    You’ve been caught in “pending”. Not sure why.
    I’ve approved your “test 22” and hope that you can get through now with whatever changes you may have made to your name/account/email addy/whatevs WP chooses to pick on.

  22. Sleepychow says :

    Only skimmed through comments here since I left for w**k today. Bit of an awkward feel.
    Not sure if I’m misreading but am not checking it out.

    Hope we can we just try to be lovely to each other in these difficult times.

    ^Hippy shit? Mebs & whatevs^


  23. interiorbc says :

    s’ok sleeps…at times like these hippy shit not so bad.

    love to all. off for three days.

  24. Sleepychow says :

    Oh, there you are @10:04, Emms.
    Hope you haven’t had too much of a struggle … altough your comment suggests otherwise.

    On holimaday yet?

  25. Sleepychow says :

    Enjoy your time off, Inty.

    *places flower in your hair*

  26. Sleepychow says :

    Just watched TheReal Full Monty about raising awareness of men’s cancer.

    Surprisingly powerful.

  27. Sleepychow says :


    Bins to put out n stuff.


  28. Paul says :

    Re-reading the thread i seem to have got the wrong end of the stick.For i now see Polly ,Justa and Tybo were talking about Theresa May when i respnded to them at 8.16pm with a post about Katie Hopkins.

    So that’s a big double DUH ! for me then.

  29. Paul says :

    nn chundies and sleep well

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