Saturday 10.6.17


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  1. polly says :

    I’ll have to watch that Nuits, apparently my friends wedding do is going to be (optionally) steampunk themed. I’m not really that sure what it is….

  2. neartheclocktower says :

    I came across these retro kids story books, Sleeps, and wondered what on earth was the point. Enid Blyton did it way better and if you want your child to read that sort of stuff then I’d point them to the ‘adventure’ series.

  3. neartheclocktower says :

    Xen, we also watched Voice Kids (once we managed to get the proxy server working). Not as bad as I had imagined, but I still have no idea who one of the judges is. (Not Pixie or

  4. neartheclocktower says :

    Right, going to watch a bit more of Broken and then off to bed.


  5. justamentalpatient says :

    Speampunk? The Diamond Age might help, poll.

  6. justamentalpatient says :

    Think techno Victoriana.

  7. JamesFrance says :

    Hello all ! Hilarious:
    “Theresa May’s premiership in peril as loose alliance agreed with DUP” and “Tory MPs had begun warning party whips they would oppose any formal deal, because of the DUP’s position on gay rights, abortion and climate change”.

    Chuckles (for the moment) 🙂

  8. JamesFrance says :

    Mind you – johnson, PM ? Worse? I suspect so. But I’m not quite sure…

  9. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening (or, almost, morning)

    Jezza says he’s gonna make toast of Tezza, James, and it shouldn’t take long:

    But yes, Boris in charge is a scary thought indeed.

  10. polly says :

    I think I’m going to become a journalist as all papers are reporting the bleeding obvious ie that Bojo is going to launch a leadership bid as an amazing exclusive (and when you read the stories it doesn’t amount to much more than he will at some point, not that he’s actually doing it now).

    They just haven’t sent the sinister shadowy figures (aka the 1922 committee) in yet to talk to May (perhaps because the apparently absolutely terrifying rottweiler like Fiona Hill was still there). But once they do she’ll realise it’s in her interests to go quietly, they got to Thatcher eventually.

    Apparently though a lot of Tories don’t like Bojo, so may end up with somebody completely useless like Philip Hammond or Amber Rudd.

    They should opt for Ruth Davidson of course, but apparently she doesn’t want to do it now, she’s not currently an MP (though the PM doesn’t have to be an MP constiutionally), and the mad old Tories in the shires would never accept a Scottish lesbian as leader.

  11. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Sleeps, my H used to like Shirley Hughes’ stories, I think my son did too but a bit younger than your H. Alfie and Annie Rose stories, I remember, and was it her did the Trotter Street series?

    But it’s just lovely to have a story read to you when you’re a likklie, doesn’t matter what it is, really. When I was in a hurry I’d read H a poem from “Now We are Six” and she’d be quite happy with that.

  12. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I’m hoping someone sensible (if they have anyone) in the Tory part will realise we do not want to “do a Trump” and end up with Boris, electorate won’t have it. Although he was London Mayor. Twice.


  13. polly says :

    Jeremy Corbyn’s been at the cut price Absinthe I think. He can’t be prime minister, since the maximum he could command, even with a coalition of chaos, is 315 votes. Unless the DUP decide to side with him, which is about as likely as me becoming the next prime minister.

    You don’t actually need 326 as there are 7 Sinn Fein MPs and they don’t take their seats. Plus the speaker. So that leaves 342 potential voting MPs.

    But he would still need 322 and Tories plus DUP are 327.

    And there are plenty ahead of him in the queue to make toast of Theresa May.

    Corbyn should take a lesson on the dangers of hubris from Mrs May.

  14. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    But if he (and a majority of the House) opposes the measures in the Queen’s Speech she’ll have to go to her maj and resign as PM, there can’t be another “default PM” as she became, so yet another general election. That’ll be fun. 😉

  15. polly says :

    But what will happen of course is that the Tories will replace May with a somewhat more sympathetic figure, (Attila the hun should do) drop the dementia tax, come back with a more pensioner friendly/giveaway manifesto, and all the young people who voted for Jezza will think ‘can’t be arsed this time’.

    And the tories will squeak back. Or maybe they’ll cut a deal with the Fib Dems, who knows……

    We need to bear in mind that May got 11 more votes than David Cameron in 2010 despite conducting one of the worst campaigns ever in the history of modern politics and Cameron was up against Gordon Brown who was also pretty shite and as wooden as May. Far from performing an electoral miracle, Corbyn really didn’t do that well. The improvement he got in the labour vote is as much as he’s going to get, unless the Tories continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

  16. polly says :


    We have the fixed term parliament act now, dissolving parliament before the five years is up requires a motion of no confidence – with no further motion of confidence within 14 days, or a two thirds majority.

    As long as the DUP continue to support the Tories and none rebel, that won’t happen. And turkeys don’t vote for Christmas generally.

  17. polly says :

    And even if there was an election, one of two things will happen most probably

    1) a fed up electorate will vote Tory just to ensure stability and to stop us having bloody elections all the time.
    2)There will be another hung parliament but the Fib Dems or similar WILL enter into coalition for the sake of stability.

    Corbyn is dreaming, and so are his supporters. With a more credible figure in place labour would probably have been the largest party by now. But Corbyn effectively bribing students to the tune of 30 grand didn’t win more in real terms than Gordon Brown did in 2010 so I doubt anything else will.

  18. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Sorry, had to read the first sentence of your last para a few times, seats, I realise you meant.

    Both put on seats mostly because (1) turnout was higher and (2) support for smaller parties (notably UKIP and nationalist) switched as in fell away.

    I think that what most people mean by “Corbyn did good” is “he was not annihilated” which given the media’s treatment of him, vile, in my opinion, was a bit of a good job. Now I just hope his PLP will get as much behind him as the youth vote and his Party’s membership clearly is. With that, we could have a truly progressive PM who will bring forward Keynesian policies and we can’t say that hasn’t worked before, we know it has.

  19. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Or possibly, an electorate that sees through, now, the slurs and realises Corbyn is seen as vote worthy and trustworthy and decent.

    It is reasonably likely there will be another hung parliament but the LibDems will never go into coalition with the tories again, more likely with Labour but the Greens, Plaid and Scots Nats have already made gestures that they will, join with Labour, that is.

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