Monday, 22nd May 2017


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    All hail Sleepy!

    Arachnid remover extraordinaire and fully-fledged leader of this very page.

  2. Bill says :


  3. Sleepychow says :

    Just had another look with the looky glass.
    Skin calm now and I can’t see any mouth parts.

    S’pose I’m gonna have to get me body checked too.

    ^any excuse^

  4. emmachisset says :

    sounds like you got it early Sleeps, afore it made it’s journey…………

    I’ve seen them walking up my jeans, up my leg, always upwards, it’s their thing,

    had one under my chin, biggest i ever had, in my beard, which is why i didn’t find it for mayb e 3 days, while it fed 🙂

  5. emmachisset says :

    re ticks,

    my doc recommended a chemical spray from the chemists, which you put on your shoes, lower trousers etc,

    it was v. expensive and didn’t work at all.

    Best protection imo, is tuck yer troos well into thick socks………………..but they’ll still climb up and get in yer waistband etc,

    am also fairly sure i’ve picked them up at chest/shoulder hieght from tall grasses, brushing against bushes and the like,

    but my experience is that most of them climb onto your shoe, up sock and under trousers,

  6. emmachisset says :


    afaik, the Lyme disease red ring thing takes about 3 months to start,

    – don’t fret too much, i have had several hundred tick bites, over the years, and the worst i’ve had is an allergic reaction which makes them not heal, fixed by antihistamines.

  7. Bill says :

    The Detectorists is repeated on BBC 2 at ten o’clock. Well worth a watch imho.

  8. polly says :

    Sleeps, according to NHS choices.

    “Many people with early-stage Lyme disease develop a distinctive circular rash at the site of the tick bite, usually around three to 30 days after being bitten. This is known as erythema migrans.

    The rash is often described as looking like a bull’s-eye on a dart board. The affected area of skin will be red and the edges may feel slightly raised.

    The size of the rash can vary significantly and it may expand over several days or weeks. Typically it’s around 15cm (6 inches) across, but it can be much larger or smaller than this. Some people may develop several rashes in different parts of their body.

    However, around one in three people with Lyme disease won’t develop this rash.

    Some people with Lyme disease also experience flu-like symptoms in the early stages, such as tiredness (fatigue), muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, a high temperature (fever), chills and neck stiffness.”

    But watch out for just plain cellulitis. If you develop redness round the bite, you need to get it checked out pronto.

  9. polly says :

    Agreed that a lot of OAPs aren’t rich Nuits, but they would still qualify for winter fuel allowance if it was means tested.

    But in real terms the average OAP is now £20 better off per week than the average worker.

    Now true that’s an average, but it still makes a universal benefit of £300 per annum based simply on age a nonsense. Given that most will already be receiving non means tested state pension.

  10. polly says :

    Anyway even Polly Toynbee agrees with me, surely a first for both of us……

    I think May’s original idea was fairer, if anything, than Andy Burnhams bollox about paying £30,000, since that depended on you having £30,000 to hand on retirement, but effectively meant if you did, you could buy your way out paying more for care. The poorest pensioners won’t own a home worth £100,000 in any case, so will pay nothing.

    I can understand why people who wanted to hang on to their money would be unhappy, I can see why people who wanted to inherit their parents money to pass on would be unhappy, but someone has to pay for care at some stage. If it isn’t done this way, you have to put up taxes, it won’t pay for itself.

    The idea of a cap, which May has now reverted to, is less fair, since it advantages the rich.

  11. polly says :

    May be a good idea to ring the doc’s surgery for advice in any case Sleeps….

  12. Sleepychow says :

    “Some people with Lyme disease also experience flu-like symptoms in the early stages, such as tiredness (fatigue), muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, a high temperature (fever), chills and neck stiffness.””

    So how would I tell the difference?
    That’s kinda normal for me.

    ^flip answer^

  13. Sleepychow says :

    I told the tick story to some of my colleagues today, and a random parent type who happened to be there, and they were eughing and oohing and eeking.

    Most of them had never even heard of ticks.

    Another w**ky type person told me of their mate who went properly bonkers due to Lyme’s disease. Couldn’t look after their kids n that.
    Serious shit.

    *checks wrist*

    All fine.

    Prolly ought to go on my med records but if Emms has had hundreds then I’m prolly okay…

    …or not


  14. Sleepychow says :

    Been to pub quiz.
    No free pies, no quiz win, no raffle win.

    But then it’s prolly more likely if I akchooowally get an entry sheet.

  15. polly says :

    Well give the doctors a ring Sleeps

    Awake now, switched on radio and explosion and deaths at Manchester Arena….

  16. Paul says :

    I’ve just heard about that Polly.No news yet as to whether it was planned or an accident.

  17. Paul says :

    A final track for those who’re loved up.

  18. Paul says :

    One for each sex there.

  19. polly says :

    Unfortunately Paul, it looks likely that it wasn’t an accident. Also a lot of young children/teens attending. Evil bastards, whichever bastards it was.

    Most insensitive reporting I’ve ever heard on radio 5. Reporter asking clearly shocked teenagers what they thought about there being fatalities….

  20. Paul says :

    Bastards !

  21. polly says :

    Yep, fucking bastards, or bastard. Lots of people there with their kids.

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