Thursday 18.5.17

Welsh landscape by David Barnes


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    Yes, Paul.
    I think the treadmill is a good idea but I’m not sure how incentivised Dipper would be, nor if there’s room for one … maybe in the [insert correct colour here] library.

  2. justamentalpatient says :

    On a more serious note, a two year suspended sentence for breaking in at 4 in the morning and trying to kill five people (and mum was pregnant, too) with a crossbow, crowbar and knife.

    That is all that five lives, and an unborn life, mean under the UK justice system.


  3. Paul says :

    Tybo,With your experience in looking after old people there must be something you can do with your skills and experience.Although you may have to move again to find it.

    I remember NapK had trouble finding work when he was living on the islands.

  4. Tybo says :

    I don’t like saying “I am a writer” actually I dislike it so much I had a dream about it the other day. I don’t have any problem with saying “I write” it is the “a” I have a problem with.

    But I think I am becoming a writer by default. That there is no longer much else that I can actually do (I got another job rejection today btw).

    Part of me thinks that if I had an honest CV then I could apply for all the jobs that JSA ever wanted me to do without having the slightest chance of getting any of them.

    But another part of me thinks that is a bit too bridge-burney

  5. Sleepychow says :

    Crikey, Justa.

  6. neartheclocktower says :


    Yes, when you’re 60 or nearing you have had so many jobs and other stuff that you absolutely have to pick and choose what you put on your CV. Two page maximum is the accepted length of a CV. I’ve had to cut mine right down.

  7. Paul says :

    Jeez,it’s raining again.

    Need to give our cat a poke just to make sure she’s still with us.She’s ancient and in feline terms is way past the age when she’d get a birthday card from Brenda.


  8. Tybo says :

    CVs are fine, Clocks, its the application forms that demand you list every job you ever had.

    As if I could remember the fucking stationary firm I packed boxes for for a few weeks in 1973!

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    Aye. OB small and stuffy cells and tight, steep steps up to the courts, tybes.

    Oppressive atmosphere, by accounts.

  10. Sleepychow says :

    Biscuit’s really enjoying the rain. In and out like a fiddler’s wotsit: Chuffed to bits with himself.

    NN Paul.

  11. Tybo says :

    I can’t even remember all the government schemes I have been on! Job Creation, Community Programme (twice) Whatever the fuck it was they replaced the Community Programme with, Enterprise Allowance Scheme (dead good that)…

  12. Sleepychow says :

    As I understand it, being in the OB cells is like being shoved back a few centuries.

  13. Tybo says :

    Employment Training, maybe?

  14. Tybo says :

    Bowels of the earth time, Sleeps.

  15. Sleepychow says :

    I did Enterprise Allowance at least twice.
    Yeah, good.

  16. justamentalpatient says :

    The 80’s, sleeps!

    Tybes, the problem with an honest CV is that it can be used as an excuse to sanction you for sabotaging employment prospects.
    Social security is one big Catch 22

  17. Tybo says :

    Never took the steps up to the court, Justa. We were stuffed in there because so many people had been arrested on Stop the City that the police cells ran out of room so they had to use the Old Bailey ones which were meant for people waiting to go up to court.

    They were not meant for 8 people at a time under any circumstances.

  18. Sleepychow says :

    ‘s gone the witching hour so I guess I’ll be trying to go upstairs very quietly now.

    NN all.
    CU the morrow.

    Keep on keeping on, Tybo et al.

  19. justamentalpatient says :

    Ha! Got sent on an interview prep course when I’d just been interviewing trustees for a national, multi-million pound MH charity.

    These courses are an abscene waste of money.

  20. Tybo says :

    My ex girlfriend Gloria did EA and buggered off to Nicaragua on a brigade for about three months (“photography”) when she was away the building society she was having the money paid into de-mutualised so she got a big lump sum for that too.

    Jammy get.

    Still, I got to sail from Troon to Stornoway over two weeks so that wasn’t so bad.

  21. Tybo says :

    I must be about due to be sent on something like that, Justa.

  22. Tybo says :

    Anyhoo, I had better head too. NN

  23. justamentalpatient says :

    NN sleeps.

    The OB cells were, indeed, meant for that (same with all court cells). Eight sounds ‘orrible, tybes. Gotta love overzealous policing.

    Or not.

  24. justamentalpatient says :

    NN tybo.

    Hope you find something suitable soon.

  25. Paul says :

    ps Bed and Breakfast for those with special interests.You’d rake it in mate.Can’t think why you haven’t thought of that .Could be a lucrative sideline.

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