Thursday 20.4.17

photo montage by Suzanne Moxhay


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  1. Paul says :

    As far as i know we don’t have any Paris-based Chundies posting in this den of insanity but if there’re any lurkers from the City Of Light then stay safe.

  2. interiorbc says :

    old fart indeed…I’m a fixed asset, LOL!

  3. neartheclocktower says :

    Fuck, like I don’t spend quality time with my daughter, chatting with her, playing board games, crafts, and so importantly (?) being gentle? Seriously, like I don’t spend quality time with her?

    I gave birth to her, I wasn’t an expert then but I’ve learnt a lot.

    Seriously, after 14 years I think I know a little about parenting. Please don’t patronise me.

  4. interiorbc says :

    off for three days, hope all of you have a good weekend, and hope things improve for H and clocks especially.

  5. interiorbc says :

    don’t be angry clocks, I don’t think it was meant the way you have read it 🙂

  6. Paul says :

    Hi Clocks

    Not sure what’ going on but hope you’re ok.

    All the best

  7. justamentalpatient says :

    Hey, clockie.
    Guessing it wasn’t meant that way, esp with the whole “she’s a teen now” stuff.

    I think we all read about how much you love and care for the watch, and what a cracking kid she is. How good a parent you are.

    My money is definitely on her becoming a fine adult.

  8. justamentalpatient says :

    Enjoy your time off, fixed asset.

    Give your loved ones (including the furry people) hugs from a random Brit.

  9. Paul says :

    Point Of Order

    I made a reasonable request a couple of days ago asking who has admin privileges here and only Tybo had the decency to respond.

    I know that Bill,Fings and Sleeps post the banners here and i know they have the ability to redact posts. But is there anyone else.?

    The reason i ask is that a while back i asked Xen if he had admin privileges because i wanted him to delete a post of mine because i thought the link on it might be infected and because i thought i’d inadvertedly posted some private info on it.He said he didn’t but more recently he said he’d been able to redact one of his own posts ?????.

    I think we have a right to know who has admin privileges here.And we have a right to expect them to be used fairly and consistantly.Something i personally feel both Fings and Sleeps have failed to do on a number of occasions.For instance failing to act in some cases,unilaterally acting in others whilst asking the group.with all it’s built in cliques and loyalites to make a majority decision on others.

    If this site is to thrive and attract more posters those with admin privilges must identify themselves and they must be fair and even-handed if/when they use those privileges.

  10. fingsaint says :

    Admin are the banner posters: Bill, Sleepy, Tybo and Fingsaint.

    I think Xen was using self-redacting as a turn of phrase rather than as an action.

  11. Sleepychow says :

    Yeah, thought about that afterwards, Clocks. Wasn’t meant that way.

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