Tuesday, 18th April, 2017

Happy Birthday BB!


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  1. Tybo says :

    From the article they fell for:

    “Terry Roglodyte is the local Essex For The People spokesperson, and he praised the ‘quick actions’ of the local police force.”


  2. Tybo says :

    Yes, Bearsden is practically the Highlands, Xen.

  3. polly says :

    I once read a story about a mosque in Nelson Tybo. Underneath in the comments a far right type was indignant that a mosque had been built near Britain’s greatest admiral.

  4. Paul says :


    The problem with the Labour Party is that it’s split between the Blairite and Corbynite wings and neither-in my opinion -are capable of not only regaining trust in the traditional working class heartlands but also winning the battle of hearts and minds with enough of the all-important floating voters.

    Clearly there are political differences in the four constituent countries which make up the UK but if a Tory victory on 8 June leads to a Hard Brexit which in turn leads to the breakup of the UK then the Labour Party is well and truly fucked for the forseeable future.As indeed are many low income people in this green and increasingly unpleasant land of ours.

  5. polly says :

    If you can get 10 ISBN numbers for £140, can you not sell the other 9 on?

  6. Tybo says :

    Good question, Polly.

    Not really. You can get 100 for about £300 etc. It is weird. So you would think someone would buy up batches and split them up and sell them cheaper. Well some do.

    The problem is that whoever buys the number is legally the publisher so it comes with various legal rights and obligations. If you buy it off someone else then they become the publisher of your work. If you sell it to someone else then you become the publisher of their work and if it turns out to be plagiarised or libellous I suspect that you would be liable.

    So unless you really trust the vendor or the buyer it is generally considered to be a not very good plan

  7. polly says :

    Gaaah the G has a piece on Howard Bernstein in which he expounds his love for one Gideon George Osborne.

    Truly the labour – aka slighly pink Tory – party in Manchester deserve a bloody nose, to put it mildly.

    Mind you Sir H seems to be taking Gideon as a role model, since he already has 2 jobs, professor of politics and part time consultant for Deloitte.

  8. Tybo says :

    I saw an (American) site where they had paid a fee for an ISBN number from their printer and then two years later got a bill for more money if they wanted to continue using it. They had not realised that they were only renting it.

    So it is a bit of a minefield and probably best to either do without or buy a batch. I don’t think buying just one is sensible because they don’t go out of date and it would be infuriating to have to buy another one down the road (and maybe another one).

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    Having had them visit here a few times and knowing a few EDL types I can testify that they are thick.

  10. Tybo says :

    But surely they would realise you couldn’t hide 63 jobs in a cellar?

    Anything more than a dozen would really be pushing it.

  11. Paul says :

    I doubt the love’s reciprocated Polly.Those Bullingdon boys can be pretty ant-Semitic

  12. polly says :

    I doubt it too Paul, I wouldn’t trust GGO as far as I could throw him.

    If he’s promoting something, there’s something in it for him or his mates. But then Manchester City Council are your go to people for that, with all the money they’re lending to developers to build flats to be sold on to BTL overseas investors.

  13. justamentalpatient says :

    If someone told them I had 100 jobs hiding in my bog they would be donning scuba gear, tybes.

  14. polly says :

    Anyway the Gorton by election is off, well it would be daft to elect someone for a month.

  15. Paul says :

    [comment on the whole “now is not the time” debacle self-redacted for the sake of a bit of peace]

    I thought you said you didn’t have any admin privileges here Xen.

  16. Paul says :

    Out of interest who does have admin privileges here ?

  17. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ Paul ! Hey Justy ! Yoohoo Polly ! Greetings, Tybo in the far north ! Then I can’t see any higher, so I’ll extend a blanket greeting to those teetering at the top of the discussion:)

    Holidays were OK. Now holidays are over. C’est la vie. Mind you, the family spent too much time talking about how to arrange bathrooms and things for my taste. I kept on trying to talk about interesting things like neighbourhood gossip, but to no avail. “Let us talk about DIY!” one sister exclaimed.

    This is families for you. Some of them like talking about really boring stuff 🙂

  18. JamesFrance says :

    Right, on that note, off to cook some fish innit. Hmmmm. Fish with estragon – not the “Waiting for Godot” estragon, but the ‘erb estragon.

    Ah: Tarragon een Eeenglish, zis is ‘ow you say, les anglais.

    Another fine Irish playwrite, btu I’ve forgotten his name. Becket ! Sam Becket. Not a very Irish name but never mind.

  19. Tybo says :

    I do Paul but I generally only use them to release people from spam or to post banner pics.

  20. JamesFrance says :

    Oh and anyone wanting a bit of political entertainment, see this – right to the end, the end is important !

  21. emmachisset says :

    hi James, would love to watch but ‘ the uploader has not made this video available in your country’

  22. interiorbc says :

    John Oliver is very clever, and hilarious!

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