Thursday 6.4.17


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    Top o’ the Mo Fo P!

  2. Sleepychow says :

    … and rest … 2, 3, 4

  3. justamentalpatient says :

    But seriously, sounds annoying and ruddy painful. Be careful, clockie.

  4. Sleepychow says :

    soul4art is now following cifunderground:

    Looks like they’ve only just set up.

    Come on, Souly. Go for it.

  5. Sleepychow says :


    They’re really useful things.

    (Can you tell I’m procrastinating?)

  6. Paul says :

    Can someone pull Sleep’s plug out.She’s going all unnecessary.

  7. Sleepychow says :



    What was that?!

  8. Sleepychow says :

    9 mins until I have to go out and I’m determined to not do anything useful or productive.

  9. Paul says :

    That pop wasn’t your plug Sleeps it was your teeth. Put them back in 🙂

  10. Sleepychow says :

    Most folk prefer them out, Paul, but okay.



  11. Paul says :

    A tdml to the 1960’s and a look at the UK adjusting to the ”End Of Empire”.

  12. xenium1 says :

    Been on The Royal Mile with students – “What? Again?” – & apparently we missed Scarlett Johanssen & Robert Downey Jr filming there yesterday. Bugger…

  13. xenium1 says :

    Has “the Empire” ended? You’d never think it, listening to & reading some folk…

  14. emmachisset says :


    we’re not the only cowboys in town,

    today i was in a garden , the ivy on the fence had been painted over, it would have taken only a few minutes to remove it, but no, he painted it instead.

    and in the tree next door was a guy standing in it wielding a chainsaw one handed, like errol flyn with a rapier, he had a hard hat on so he’s safe.

  15. polly says :

    A song that doesn’t appear to be about Kendall Jenner.

  16. xenium1 says :

    Polly, I saw the bruhaha about the P***i ad. And all I could think of was “Never mind the (mis)appropriation stuff, why would anybody hire any of the Jenner/Kardashian eejits in the first place?”

  17. polly says :

    You’ll be pleased to know Sleeps that the unpatriotic clothes moths made the Mail (and the Torygraph, and The Guardian and probably the Sun).

    I’ve just put out a moth infested Parker Knoll chair for the council to collect, wonder if it will be snatched before the lorry comes round by a passing hipster who thinks they’ve got a free bit of mid century modern.

  18. polly says :

    Apparently Jenner – who is considered to be the hippest member of the Kardashian clan – is popular on something called ‘Instagram’ Xen.

  19. xenium1 says :

    Instawhat, Poll? 😉

  20. Paul says :

    Is that the one with the big arse ?

  21. Paul says :

    One back for you Polly

  22. polly says :

    no,that’s Kim. The one married to Kanye West.

  23. Paul says :

    Jennifer K that is.

  24. Paul says :

    Ta Polly.

  25. polly says :

    No one appears to be in any way concerned about the other particpants in that terrible ad “Hip asian guy” “token muslim woman” and “cop who looks a bit like someone from Friends”. I can’t imagine their careers will benefit really.

    I also want to know how Kendall Jenner changed clothes. And when UK protests will start to havefree iced soft drinks.

    Choon Paul

  26. emmachisset says :

    thanks for the moth info,

    i may have the new type , the pale backed clothes moth,

    moth snobbery ?

  27. Paul says :

    Are you infested with moths emma .?

  28. polly says :

    Emms you must capture them immediately and inform the authorities.

  29. polly says :

    Moths are everywhere Paul, including all over the news today. They’re the new Kardashians.

  30. emmachisset says :

    got a few Paul, mostly just a couple at a time, but they never go away, one day i’ll find the enthusiasm to hunt their nest

  31. Paul says :

    We only get them occasionally late at night when a window’s open and they fly in attracted by the light.They’re easy to swat,As are wasps.

    The ones i can’t stand are the ones that are extremely fast and make a lot of noise.Can take a while to swat them And the knats of course. Can’t stand them either.

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