Saturday 1.4.17

Photo mashup by Stephen McMennamy


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  1. fingsaint says :


    fantastic clear sunny day today *yay* but not so good for those further north in the state who are underwater in the aftermath of the cyclone *boo*

  2. emmachisset says :

    morning all,

    hi ho, hi ho, it’s ….. worked as many Saturday’s this month as i did all year,

  3. emmachisset says :

    also i must mention my theory that zips, like mobile phones’ are rubbish,

    zips always break long before the garment wears out, and mobile phones mostly don’t work ver y well, and most users try hard to pretend this doesn’t happen, to justify their investment in the device..

    ‘ No Service ‘.

  4. Sleepychow says :

    Morning all.

    Is it wrong to be wanting the dot-to-dot which comes “free” with the Daily Heil?
    Hope I’m not tempted.
    Might stay away from shops today.

  5. Sleepychow says :

    You’re right, Emms, zips do usually give out before the item does and ‘phones are crappier than folk will let on. I know how to mend or replace zips.

    I like this kind of zip:

  6. Sleepychow says :

    Watched Youth last night. Michael Caine & De Niro.

    My review: Waste of time. Never quite kicked in. Quite confusing.
    A bit like one of those French philosophical dramas where folk don’t say much and they act with small glances … only without a lot of the glances.
    It had Maradona though – a bit where he was kicking a tennis ball was good.

    Here ya go:

  7. polly says :


    Sleeps you can buy dot to do books for grown ups now, it’s the logical follow up to colouring books. Try The Works, best source of all cheap book style things.

    Or go to a cafe which has papers to read, and see if a copy of the dot to dot book is lying around. Good excuse for a cake.

    My phones don’t last, but my ‘investment’ in them is usually zero as I get either the cheapest or a contract one.

    I can replace zips, but it’s v pricey if it’s a big zip, eg in a parka.

    I still haven’t got a lamp, couldn’t find one I liked I am meant to be making over the living room today. Curtains to hem, shelf to put up and so on. But no lamp. Still there are charity shops I haven’t yet tried.

  8. xenium1 says :

    Thought for the day: Why do the same two teams always reach the final of the Boat Race?


  9. lagrandeflaneuse says :


    Thought I’d gone?

    April fool.

    (I was about to write ‘April ffool’. I’ve been doing too much Welsh)

  10. polly says :

    apparently you can cure poorly cats with vodka. Who knew?

  11. fingsaint says :

    Llagrande! How wonderful 😊How are you? And Monsewer and Fancy? All good I hope?

  12. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    All well, thank you, ffingsaint. All well with you too, I hope. Glad to hear you didn’t get washed into the Pacific.

    Polly: I shall have to hide your post from Ziggy, or he’ll start developing chronic hypochondria in order to have an excuse to get at the booze.

  13. justamentalpatient says :

    Pub quiz. What year did both teams sink, xen?

  14. xenium1 says :

    Correct answer – 1912*

    My answer – not often enough

    * The same year as the Titanic?

  15. justamentalpatient says :

    *Both correct

    *and that, too.

  16. fingsaint says :

    Here’s a story about April the first, stop me if I’ve told you this one before … 🤔

    A mate of mine was one of the stolen generation and never knew his birthday except for the one the institution gave him for admin purposes, which was April 1st. He always felt they were taking the piss 😡

  17. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    All of those poor orphans that were exported like they were cattle – it would have been a scandal even if they’d been well treated at the other end, but an awful lot weren’t.

    What were the authorities thinking of?

  18. fingsaint says :

    Tonight the clocks change ready for autumn, I think this means more time to sleep 😴

    Night for now

  19. fingsaint says :

    Llagrande it was a fucking disgrace, forcibly removing children from their mothers because the *authorities* believed they were of mixed blood and so they had to be given a *white* upbringing

  20. fingsaint says :

    Nn xx I should to bed

  21. fingsaint says :

    Oh hang on mixed stories. I think you’re thinking about the (mainly) Irish orphans who were *emigrated* for their own good? Yes that was a shocker as well. The stolen generation were indigenous Australian children forcibly removed from their mothers. My mate was an adult before he met his mother again …too sad.

    Bed for me, late here x

  22. interiorbc says :

    The mr’s uncle was a home child, sent to Canada because his parents couldn’t afford to raise him.
    Don’t get me started on the residential schools here back in the day, a disgrace and a misguided policy.

  23. interiorbc says :

    This is incredible…make of it what you will, polar bears are pretty smart, maybe he knows something the short fingered vulgarian won’t acknowledge – that climate change is real!…/newfoundland…/praying-polar-bear-picture-wesleyville-1.4047414

    2 days ago – The Wesleyville photographer behind the praying polar bear picture that is lighting up social media says it’s an encounter she’ll never forget. “When I saw it and started taking pictures, I was blown away,” said Jessica Andrews, who owns Ocean View Photography in New-Wes-Valley …”

  24. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    So it wasn’t just orphanages in Australia that the poor kids got shoved into?

    I’m afraid your polar bear link wouldn’t work. Perhaps CBC doesn’t want foreigners to see polar bears at their devotions.

  25. interiorbc says :

  26. interiorbc says :

    no, lagrand, it wasn’t. Like Australia I imagine, the idea was to take kids away from their homes and families and make them like ‘white people’.
    Needless to say it didn’t work, which is why there are still investigations into this, and reparations being paid…which doesn’t make it any better that it was done in the first place.

  27. interiorbc says :

  28. interiorbc says :

    Guess what the weather is doing today? Just guess…

  29. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    The ones I was thinking of were white kids, from Britain or Ireland – they were orphaned, illegitimate, or getting into trouble. Some of them were just poor, and their parents were conned into thinking they were sending their kids to a better life. The places were billed as ‘schools’, but it would seem they weren’t far off the prison farms they used to have in the American South.

  30. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    Oh, and thanks for finding the pictures of the pious polarbear. 🙂

  31. lagrandeflaneuse says :

    Still snowing? I heard today on the radio that the Swedes don’t celebrate the beginning of spring until the end of this month

  32. xenium1 says :

    Springlike here. That is, it’s been raining.

    Ma’s daffs are in their full glory & a couple of bluetits are starting to nest in her box.

    Still a bit nippy though. So, I’ve made a warming meal of Quorn steak & gravy pie, bigga peas & mashed neeps & tatties… 🙂

  33. interiorbc says :

    Still snowing, I’m with the Swedes on that…

    Anyone coming to Canada this year? Or know of anyone?
    Let them know about this:…/CategoryDisplay?…

    “As Canada’s gift to you, the 2017 Discovery Pass will provide free admission for the entire … Every purchase supports national parks, historic sites and marine …”

  34. emmachisset says :

    Found a book today, called Cooking for the Working Class.

    written in 1850 by a chef of the time,

    most of the recipes look ok, fairly sensible, but he considers beef cheap and gives half a pound per person as a portion.

    liked his advice on brrewing beer. first take your 32 gallon copper…

  35. polly says :

    Apparently the Victorians did eat mainly meat Emms, not much quinoa and sweet potatoes about at the time.

    Oh well it’s Saturday night, so how about a choon to wake us up?

  36. xenium1 says :


  37. xenium1 says :

  38. interiorbc says :

    A nice duster ish tune, from “The Horse Whisperer”

  39. interiorbc says :

    less duster ish, but still classic Steve Earle:

  40. JamesFrance says :

    Bonjour tout l monde ! Fings, t’es là meaning are you there ?
    Here’s a hilarious early morning thing about a sinking shop your yez:

  41. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Right, back here because the rest is dross and can bring it here but course won’t. And that is all.

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