29. 03. 2017


Can anyone else smell coconut?

Gorse pic taken last Sunday


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  1. Paul says :

    Desde didn’t say you didn’t have cancer,she questioned whether you were getting the level of treatment you claimed to be getting.

    You now have the opportunity to sort this out with Desde either face to face or via e-mail.

    It’s time to draw a line under this here because here on this public forum isn’t the place for it.

  2. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Paul, do your best mate to never get cancer. And if you do and you look for support and try to keep your chin up and you come across someone who says “I had cancer, my cancer wasn’t like your cancer so you must be lying”, try to smile. Why the fuck would bowel cancer be like breast cancer? Why were my buddy and I sent initially down the same treatment path and yet she lost both breasts and her ovaries? I don’t have grief and anger just for me. I had to assure my children, family and friends I was gonna do this. And I had no clue if I could or would. I had to be brave for everyone I knew. I hope you never have to do that.

  3. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    And yes, I did get that level of treatment and support. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by it and the calls from family and friends. I did get a med student following me and I am still in touch with him. He is still a med student, not qualified, not a doctor. But he’s a lot of fun and a bloody good rugby player. I could have sat alone during waiting times but I had the joy to sit with him. He was even there for a couple of my chemos and the Sri Lankan nurse putting it into me explained to him what it was. (First 3 times they sit and infuse you, takes about 2 hours, the next 3 times, different drug, goes in via a drip so if your veins aren’t fooked by then, easy peasy.) Until you get home and inject yourself 24 hours later and then you really don’t want your legs, the pains in the legs, you wish you didn’t have legs. And then they stop working anyway, what is the point of legs, you think.

    But back to the staff. I was taken to the chemo suite days before I was due to be infused. I can’t use names but please accept, I know that everyone did and does their very best. I cannot say a single one did anything less. I was taken from my home to my treatment sites once I could no longer drive myself. By a volunteer driver team mostly, I think in all I travelled by ambulance about 4 times. I did 15 sessions at Velindre and only once was brought home by ambulance, all the other trips, 29 of them, were done by the volunteer drivers. My breast care nurse deserves a bloody sainthood. My GP rang me to ask how I was doing, more than once.

    What do you want me to say? They were marvellous and I was clueless. That was how it was. Yes, of course they’ve all done this before and I hadn’t. That is the point of them, though, isn’t it?

  4. Paul says :

    But didn’t you announce here a while back that you were now hopefully out of the woods ? That you’re now over the worst ? And didn’t posters here tell you how pleased for you they were ?

    I’m sure most people in your shoes would now be trying to live life to the full or at least as best they can,After all we only get one shot at this thing called life.What they wouldn’t be doing is repeatedly using a public forum to snipe at somone they don’t know in real life who questioned whether they were getting the treatment you said you were getting.

    Anyway i hope the people who have admin privileges here will have seen the exchanges on today’s thread between you and Desde and will agree the ball is now in your court.

    You now have an opportunity to sort this out with Desde once and for all-via e-mail or face to face.You never know you might become good friends.

  5. Paul says :

    Mixing of past and present tenses there. Duh!

  6. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Yes, I think and hope I am, I went for my follow up a few weeks ago. They can give me no assurances, just “no new lumps” for now. I have to take tamoxifen for 10 years which thins hair among other things and I have to go back and be monitored.

    My son will be near Bedford. I don’t know Bedford, I’ve been to the waterside festival a couple of times. I have suggested Newport Pagnell which I do know well. Or CMK. She will know both, it is close to where she lives and I have access.

    I am not sure why you think what Desde said to me is any business of yours but hey, post here, read here, innit?

  7. Paul says :

    So let me get this straight.You think it’s ok for other posters to intervene on your behalf when you have a disagreement with someone here.But it’s not ok for other posters -eg me-to intervene on behalf of a poster-eg Desde-who has a disagreement with you ? How do you justify that double-standard ?

  8. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    No, as ever, Paul you haven’t got it straight.

    Hey ho, Sleeps, can you let Desde have my email if she asks for it, please. It is not a priority, the meet-up, but will happen by the summer.

  9. Paul says :

    No, as ever, Paul you haven’t got it straight.

    No 51,i have got it straight.You started this latest snipe at Desde and Desde has responded by giving you her e-mail to sort things out.And she’s offerred to meet you face to face..

    The onus is now on you to contact her .If you don’t contact her it means you’re not interested in sorting things out with her.And it’s going to lead you open to the charge of being an attention-seeking drama queen amongst other things.

    That’s my last word on the subject.From now on it’s up to the admin bods here to delete your posts if you keep using this site to snipe at Desde.

  10. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    “The onus is now on you to contact her”.

    And on you, with respect, to butt out. I am contacting no-one who made up tonight’s “lumpajumpa@any-freaking where”. I am contacting no-one until I have a name. Ok, like me she could have an official one and the one everyone calls her. But it has to be a name. Thank you for your input.

  11. justamentalpatient says :

    I will pass on emule and name if that is ok with desde.
    It might be easier to resolve this if you stopped being helpful, Paul.
    Knowing both parties and some of their backgrounds, they have more major issues than it would be appropriate to air here. And more in common than most here realise. Including themselves.

    Facilitating a meeting seems the better way forward than demands.

  12. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Justa, I would like the exchange of name to go via Admin, if you don’t mind. I am who I am and have been for almost 57 years and you know who that is. Lumpajumpa or a geographical feature along with a dog breed, that immediately makes me think someone is hiding something. Won’t matter to me, I’ll get to see my Sunshine anyway so really looking forward to going up to Beds and I had a wedding reception in the Swan Revived and really good soup in Cafe Rouge, CMK. But I still would really like a name. xx

  13. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Ooh, no, 56 years but not until May. Told you not to make me do the maths. 😉

    I’m Gena, btw.

  14. Paul says :

    It might be easier to resolve this if you stopped being helpful, Paul

    Says the woman who’s always sticking her oar in and fanning the flames of confrontation.You really are priceless Justa.

    Don’t make this out to be something it isn’t.

    51 keeps using this site to snipe at Desde.Desde is exercising her right to respond. Desde has offerred to sort this out either face to face or via e-mail. The ball is now in 51’s court.

    End of story.

  15. desdemoaner says :

    51: ‘You can’t miss me’.

    I am positive I won’t miss you.

    As for your other question about why you’d travel to Nuneaton when Sunshine’s in Beds – you surely don’t only go to places where your son is? Also you know that Justa is in Nuneaton so that’d be reason alone to go there.

    But you don’t need to travel anywhere as I am visiting your area and can see you there much sooner than the summer. Not sure why you’d delay meeting as the issue of your identity is so important to you. Just think, it’d put the whole conflict to bed and you’d never have to mention it again.

  16. desdemoaner says :

    At your follow up you say they said ‘no new lumps’ but recurrence rarely occurs at the primary site and is nearly always in another organ and detectable only by investigation like a scan..

    Fortunately, as you’ve said, stage II doesn’t often spread and they’ve told you you’re going to live.

  17. desdemoaner says :

    No, Paul, if 51 refuses to meet me it’s not because she doesn’t want to sort things out – it’s because she doesn’t want to reveal her identity.

  18. justamentalpatient says :

    No problem, fiddy.

    Couldn’t get hold of bro last night.

    paul, if you read back you will see that I have been encouraging them to resolve this in a civilised manner. Away from CU.

    You, on the other hand, have been using this situation to continue your strange mission against 51.

  19. Paul says :

    You, on the other hand, have been using this situation to continue your strange mission against 51.

    You’re very good at twisting things round.Justa.I have no mission against 51 because i largely have nothing to do with her.She means nothing to me .She on the other hand has repeatedly used this site to bring up Desde’s questioning of her treatment.All i’ve done is respond to 51’s posts by saying she needs to sort this out with Desde and this is not the place for her to do it.

    It’s there in wrinting for everyone to see so i suggest you zip it for once.

  20. justamentalpatient says :

    No you haven’t, sonny jim, you’ve been shit stirring.

  21. Paul says :

    Been browsing elsewhere have we Crusty Justy .You’re totally transparent you know.

  22. desdemoaner says :

    I hope you still want to meet Justa – it will be lovely to meet you and I’ve never been to Nuneaton before and fairly recently discovered roots in the Midlands going back to the Norman times. It is a very quick train journey to Nuneaton from MK.

  23. justamentalpatient says :

    Yeah, I go through when going to and from w**k. Having bro with me I can meet you at the station.

    Nuneaton is a very strange town. If you want a laugh, goggly uncyclopedia nuneaton.
    The entry was written by someone from Cov who works for a train company.

  24. desdemoaner says :

    If you’re reading 51, you have repeatedly said, I am who I am and have always been and others know my real identity. OK, so come on and show yourself at a meet up – that’ll put a lid on it and we can move on. You cannot say, I want to meet my accuser and then not turn up.

  25. desdemoaner says :

    ‘But as the hair atop my head has barely started growing back yet and that was a thing you accused me of lying about, I can’t see it getting a sprint on before the summer. So I’ll be the bald-headed woman (curly, white hair around the sides/back’

    I hadn’t noticed that before 51 – that’s utterly extraordinary. You really need to mention that to doctors. You said you started chemotherapy on Christmas Eve which would be December 2015 – as it lasts about 5 months you’d have finished about April/May 2016 and your hair won’t have grown back by this summer – over a year later. That’s incredible.

  26. justamentalpatient says :

    Not really, people are different. As such they are affected differently.

    I have emuled you.

  27. desdemoaner says :

    It’s very, very rare Justa, nearly always a good re-growth after a few months. Likewise the eye colour change – asked a chemotherapy nurse about it at MK hospital and she’d never heard of it.

  28. desdemoaner says :

    I’ve already answered your email. Goodnight all.

  29. justamentalpatient says :

    Ah, yes. Sorry.

    Goodnight, desde.

  30. justamentalpatient says :

    For any concerned chundies, 51 has told me she emailed desde.

    I have contacted (text) skinny bro to try and figure out a date for a meet with her. Which I am looking forward to. Bro will, no doubt, think I’ve lost it…

    I am asking people, nicely, to allow things to settle and for meets to occur. I do have a big stick, after all! 😉

  31. Paul says :

    I suggest you apply your big stick to yourself more often. However I do agree that people ,including yourself Justa,should leave well alone from now on.And let Desde and 51 sort things out between themselves.They’re both grown women and they don’t need you or anyone else as a mediator.

    Enjoy your meetup with Desde.I’ve always liked her online and i’ve heard she’s a lovely lady in real life.

  32. justamentalpatient says :

    How charming of you. A true gent.

    You must be very proud of yourself.

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