Saturday 25.3.17

Lambing by Clare Leighton 1938


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    Your first linky about llamas didn’t work for me, Inty but the second did.
    Those look like the chaps. The Maremma look like sheep and like dogs. I likey.

  2. Sleepychow says :

    This is an interesting page from your link, Inty.

    “when a human shares its affection with a dog that is in any other state of mind but a calm, submissive one (for example, aggressive, obsessive, shy, skittish, fear or hyperactivity, etc.) and you give it a hug or pat it on the head and tell it all is OK, it is comforting to the human, but intensifies the dog’s current state of mind. You are telling the dog it is OK to feel that way.”

  3. Paul says :

    Takes me right back to when i were a nipper.

    You alright Sleeps ?

  4. Sleepychow says :

    I’m rather good. Thank you, Paul.
    I’ve had pizza. What’s not to like?

    I hope you got a chance to enjoy the warm sun today.

  5. Paul says :

    Apparently it’s going to be hotter than Madrid in London next week before the wind and rain returns next weekend .

    Love today’s kind of weather .Very good for lifting the spirit. 🙂

    ps we’re having scampi and chunky chips with steamed brocolli and cauliflower.

  6. Paul says :

    NN Sleeps

  7. Sleepychow says :

    My broccoli went yellow, :sad face: however today I did find a reduced price cauli. :yey face:

    Love the broccers. So good for you.
    Sometimes my body cries out for it and I listen.

  8. Sleepychow says :

    NN baby.

    I hope to play your songs later through the amp, slightly too loud, whilst I make a strange quiche base out of potato for tomorrow’s new experience of my experimental “cooking”.


  9. interiorbc says :

    try this linky sleeps:

    “Feb 12, 2014 – Employing guard animals. Dogs are the most common, with preferred breeds including Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Anatolian, and Sarplaninac.”

    ‘pats sleeps on head’ 🙂

  10. Sleepychow says :

    Sorry, Inty.
    I’ve been on the ‘phone.

    Your linky doesn’t appear to be a linky.
    It’s okay.

    10/10 for effort. Gold star.

  11. Sleepychow says :

    Looking at pics of Sarplaninacs.
    They’re feckin’ heuge!

  12. Sleepychow says :

    Also the Anatolians are heuge.

    I’m sensing a theme …

  13. Sleepychow says :

    Great Pyreneese pup:


  14. Sleepychow says :

    He’s gonna need a bigger oven:

  15. interiorbc says :

    oh goody a gold star! thank you miss!

  16. interiorbc says :

  17. interiorbc says :

    …and then of course there’s always the Newfoundland breed:

  18. interiorbc says :

    Newfoundland dog history begins on the island of Newfoundland off the East coast of Canada. This is a very ancient breed, which very likely originated in the …

  19. interiorbc says :

    Jun 10, 2003 – An unlikely lookout is standing guard over livestock across the United States. Farmers have discovered that South America’s llama is a natural …

  20. Sleepychow says :

    Just tooooooo lovely.

  21. cyanbloo says :

    ohh lots of lovely doggies


    hi inty, sleeps, and anybody else around.

    i am soon going to embark on a vikings marathon, inty i haven’t seen any series 4 (part one or two yet) so there are many episodes to catch up on.
    liked your linky to the newfoundlands page.

    sleeps, glad your sounding more chipper x hugs.. it was good to see krazy taking the banner spot yesterday.

    re your earlier linky at the top of the page, have to say, the lady in question andthe dog whisperer bigging her up as talking poppycock. ( or maybe more appropriately, doggycock.) (( that sounds ruder than i meant.))

    her theory rests on the veracity of the alpha dog pack animal trope which is now pretty much defunked by serious behaviorists (thankfully and at last from this blue apes perspective)
    the guy who was responsible for it has pretty much, completely backtracked on it.

    also doggies are good with our behavior

    anyway, love and interdependency, interaction, compassion and cooperation with a doggy have always worked for me and the doggies i have known and bless them it has always been reciprocated. so the lady who wrote the article and i agree in this respect, they are unlike some humans i have known. it’s kinda why i have shut a big smudgy soft spot in my heart for the conniving fiends.

    (it may be just me but i smell a “man shall have dominion” cut to the article lass’s jib.)

  22. cyanbloo says :

    “it’s kinda why i have shut a big smudgy soft spot in my heart for the conniving fiends.”

    should have read

    “it’s kinda why i have such a big smudgy soft spot in my heart for the conniving fiends”.

  23. cyanbloo says :

    i have a doggy friend staying with me at the moment.
    we are good buddies her and i.
    she is snoring on my bed now.
    i am taking this opportunity to tuck into “fox’s nice creams” and “crinkle crunch butter biscuits”
    what the nose and ears don’t register doggy tummy shall not grieve over.
    i feel such a sneaky non sharing hypocrite

    *nom* *munch* *gulp*

    (why do the make such noisy biskwit packaging?)

  24. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all, hey Cyan if you’re still about – ace set of songs this morning from Paul – Nice one Paul 🙂

    This morning. Evening ? This night. Ace set of songs this night? That’ll have to do. There are youngsters (well, in their thirties) partying in the park outside the windows there. In front of the director’s flat, poor man.

    Yoof, innit. Makes me think, here’s Will Shakespeare, or someone along those lines, on nights, and sleep:

    These words, a merry note in the darkn’ing hour of the morn, or eve,
    mayhap e’en the night itself, will fight the slings and arrows of Hypnos’ spells,
    casting sleep o’er mere mortals, partying in the park
    dum de dum ta raa…

    It’s not up to much. A forgotten play, as can be seen by that “dum de dum ta raa” at the end.

    Right, dormez bien !

  25. cyanbloo says :

    she woke up.
    caught me crumb and cream handed.
    she doesn’t look offended.
    but the plaintiff looks between biscuit packet and me say she’s got a biscuit in mind.
    i shall hide the packet and she will happily settle for and be placated with a doggy chew.
    (for all of twenty seconds)
    ((that’s ten seconds demolishing the chew+ ten seconds checking the carpet for any crumbs she may have dropped.)

  26. cyanbloo says :

    heya james

    not tempted to join the merry throng?

    wasn’t it shakespeare who said*

    “time ne’er constrains the aging game cock
    to strut, to canter, to party amok.
    and ignores the jeers of the youths who may mock
    the creaks of the joints of a worn out old crock.
    dum de dum ta r-ouch my hipbone.”

    (*i fear not)
    sweet dreams all x

  27. cyanbloo says :

    i am teasing james at my mates do, this new year i started to dance enthusiastically to good ol’ george’s “wake me up before you go go”
    and before much more than a verse and a chorus it was more like “sit me down before i collapse-o”

    to the vikings.


  28. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I know this is way, way late and will never get read. But that is so ok, I like that.

    That old geezer, he looks so like my old dad among the ewes and lambs. Waxed longcoat, waxed hat, it rains a lot here. And mountains, well, we’ve got them too.

    He has dementia now. Oh, dad. Given everything, that might be the safest place for you, who knows?

    But beautiful, Fings, I think I need a copy. Ta for it. xx

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