Tuesday, 14th March, 2017


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    Yes, I was bitten by one once.
    Quite a nip.

    Little blighter.

    Didn’t know about the STD thing but hey, it is the Mail.

  2. Sleepychow says :

    G wants to go to the cheap Greek in a bit. He wants to eat lots of red meat before the oncologist tells him tomorrow that he can’t.

    I’m sure that’s the way it works, G.

  3. emmachisset says :

    crikey, is there anything these killer ladybirds can’t do?

    must be time for a G article explaining how sexist it was to name them like that, etc,

  4. emmachisset says :

    was out in The Forest today,

    saw a woman calling for her dogs, then driving along the road, doing the same, and repeat….

    Later a huge vehicle approaced, a woman explained that they had lost 2 police dogs,

    – and asked that if we saw them, could we grab them and keep them safe !!

    she added that it was safe to approach them, an alsatian and a cocker spaniel – that would be the one that might lead us to the drugs??

    we saw loads of them later a mile away sstill searching………….. 🙂

    big place, the New Forest.

  5. Paul says :

    Dunno what all the fuss is about.

    Male Chundies,use a condom if you want to shag a ladybird

    Female Chundies,use a femidom if you want to get shagged by a ladybird.

    Haven’t you lot ever heard about safe ladybird sex ?

  6. emmachisset says :

    Eeeh, just had the police knocking on the door, questioning about the murder,

  7. Paul says :

    Just tell ’em you know nothing Emma.

  8. emmachisset says :

    that’s just what I said Paul ! 🙂

    and they immediately think that it’s omerta, the code of silence………..

    you know the score,

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    Wos it you wot done it, emms?

  10. emmachisset says :

    True romance is dead?

    the guy i worked with today, mentioned that last night he joined a dating app,

    and a little later he was chatting to a woman from a nearby town, who immediately sent him x rated pics of herself,

    so he replied with his own ‘dick pics’ and they agreed to have a casual sex session on saturday afternoon,

    Later he told everyone in the office, which led to endless conversations between them of the ,

    ‘ I’m not a prude, but wouldn’t send a picture of my vagina on the first chat’

    etc etc,


  11. Paul says :

    Have you gone and knocked off your boss Emma ? Perfectly understandable if you have .

  12. emmachisset says :

    I can’t possibly answer that question justa, 5th ammendment, etc,

    last time i got questioned over a death, – it was a guy who lived in the same building, i’d never even spoken to him,

    heroin od, but they were trying to blame his mate for injecting him,

    the policeman investigating insisted on coming into my flat, despite my request that we chat in the hall,

    he sat on my bed, under it i could see a stack of plant stalks, just by his foot, luckily i’d shut the kitchen door so he couldn’t see that it was filled with greenery, luckily not at the smelly stage.
    Bad moment. 😦

  13. emmachisset says :

    hiya Paul,

    nay, a guy got stabbed , nearby, at the weekend, and that’s about all that i do know,

    he was Afghan, 3 people arrested tho i don’t know if they’ve been charged.

    Never seen so many police and vehicles in one place,

  14. emmachisset says :

    Last KIngdom’s great fifty, i even watched half an episode over breakfast today…. will get stuck into it again soon…

  15. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Glad you’re enjoying, Emms. New series starts BBC2 Thursday.

  16. Paul says :

    We have a strict no-grass rule here Emma so rest assurred that if you do appear on the Crimewatch Most Wanted List your secret will be safe with us.

    ps we’ll sedate Fings cos we know she’s got a big gob.

    The following is for my much missed cyber mate Eva.Until tonight i genuinely though the lead singer was a woman with a deepish voice.Turns out it’s a bloke so i’ve actually learned something new today.

  17. Paul says :

    It’s the Ides Of March tomorrow so watch your backs Chundies.

  18. Paul says :

    Good luck with the oncologist tomorrow Sleeps.I take it G will still be able to eat chicken which is the only meat i regularly eat.

    Don’t know what quorn tastes like but that might be worth a try if G can’t eat any meat.

    Anyways,as i said good luck.and let’s hope your Celestial Guardian Chows are looking out for you all in Sheffield.

  19. Paul says :

    ps Sleeps,,the Ides Of March thing is bollox so just in case you have a superstitious nature don’t take any notice of it. 🙂

  20. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Fell asleep on the sofa again ….

    Sleeps, they will have told G about lymphoedema if he’s had some nodes removed? Look after that leg, G and when you dry it, upward movements.

    Also, if it is to be radiotherapy it does start to burn skin, after about session 4 in my case, very best cream you can use is Epaderm which they gave out little bottles of at Velindre but my GP gave it me by the litre (well, 500g bottles atch, looks like about a litre), not sure if it’s available/easy to get hold of other than prescription but I spent loads on E45, etc, nothing like as effective (but don’t put it on before your appointment). It does get worse after the therapy ends but then at some point, it starts getting better.


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