Saturday 18.2.17

Happy 65th Birthday Chuck the Chicken!

[art by Endre Penovac]


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  1. fingsaint says :

    happy birthday, chuck! hope you have an excellent day celebrating.


  2. fingsaint says :

    seems that craft gin is the thing now (I’ve measured this by the range of gins stocked by the local bottle shop) – last year it was a choice between Gordon’s and Beefeater’s with the occasional Tanqueray or Hendrick’s thrown in for variety but now there are quite a few local gins to choose from. I bought this Sydney dry gin called Poor Tom the other day and it’s beautiful in that with ice and tonic it tastes fabulous and not a bit like *gin* 🙂

  3. Bill0 says :

    Big thing now Fing. I’ve a bottle of Nelson’s made just up the road from here.

    Morning. Happy birthday Chuck.

    Yesterday my Granddaughter was listening to a song on her iPad:

    “I like ice cream,
    I like ice cream,
    I like Jews,
    I like Jews….”


    Oh, Juice.

  4. emmachisset says :

    mmm, gin, had a few glasses of Gordon’s last night

    haven’t tried the fancy new ones yet, i’m still catching up with the ‘craft’ beer trend from ages ago

  5. Tybo says :

    Oh yes. On one of the interminable programs about discovering the Hebrides on telly, Robson Green was gathering sugar kelp to flavour Harris Gin, just the other night.

    As well as all the bijou distilleries there are new places like the one in Harris that can’t sell whisky for a certain number of years, so they are producing gin to get some revenue in the meantime.

    It is nice but I am not a gin person and not about to abandon brandy however hip it becomes.

  6. Tybo says :

    I see Paul Nuttal of the UKIPS had been caught at it again.

    The guy seems pathologically unable to tell the truth.

  7. fingsaint says :

    We’re not big spirit drinkers – more of the beer and plonk fraternity – only because we are total plebs when it comes to appreciating the refined tastes, for example otherfing drinks whisk(e)y/bourbon with tons of ice and coke 🙂

  8. fingsaint says :

    I bought the gin just to add some choice to our limited booze selection because littlefing is with us for a holiday from UK *yay*

  9. fingsaint says :

    I like a well made Margarita though, provided the rim is caked in salt

  10. emmachisset says :

    i used to be a beer and wine drinker,

    my doctor advised me to drink spirits instead, with no mixers,

    at least i think that’s what he said.

  11. fingsaint says :

    oh and otherfing makes a good mojito, as we found out when the backyard produced more mint than we needed to cook/make salads with

  12. Bill0 says :

    I think the G is being perfectly beastly to Prof. Sir Paul Nuttall with him having lost so many family members when the Hindenburg crashed.

  13. fingsaint says :

    oh, and I enjoy having an Amaretto as a nightcap with a coffee

    ok, scrap the only beer and plonk comment above as it is obviously an alternative fact in the tr(i)ump(hant) vein of Nuttall’s biog.

  14. emmachisset says :

    saw some rhubarb vodka on the shelf the other day…

    seems to be an outbreak of new drinks,

    wonder if the gin craze is driven by fashion or if the Illuminati got together and said ‘let them drink gin’, for they might pay £25 a bottle if it has a nice label.?

  15. Tybo says :

    Indeed, Bill we should be grateful to him for winning the Eurovision song contest for us for the first time in 100 years.

  16. Tybo says :

    There is, Emma. The gin and flavoured vodka thing has a hipster element – quite easy and cheap to start up a little business.

    No doubt there will be a shake out before long with most going to the wall and the best of the rest being cherry picked and taken over by Diageo and Annheuser Busch (as is happening already to the more successful craft breweries)

  17. fingsaint says :

    new meme: tiny trump (hands life size)

  18. fingsaint says :

    ha! look at the time!

    night chaps

  19. justamentalpatient says :

    Hippo birdie chuckie chick!

    The only reason Professor Lord Nuttall isn’t registered at the CC or Companies House is that he was too busy defeating the Luftwaffe and doing the first heart transplant while inventing Gin. He’s a very busy man.

  20. Tybo says :

    I think you mean King Paul I, Justa.

  21. justamentalpatient says :

    At least we know what he was doing in the 80’s, tybo

  22. Sleepychow says :

    “I think the G is being perfectly beastly to Prof. Sir Paul Nuttall with him having lost so many family members when the Hindenburg crashed.”

    Must be part of the tragic Woodcock family.

  23. Sleepychow says :

    Happy Hatching Day, Chuck.
    Hope you’re fine, happily scratching around your yard for snails n seeds n stuff.

  24. interiorbc says :

    A very Happy Birthday Chuck – in this Year of the Rooster!

  25. interiorbc says :

  26. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all, and on that rural theme of poultrya and things, here’s an old French song from Burgundy.
    Hippies used to sing this around fires in the seventies, it was brilliant:

    That version isn’t the versiona round the fireside, which was better, but it’s not bad nevertheless. Cut out the percussion, the banjo, and flutes, and have voices only, and not just blokes.
    Add the hooting of owls and gnomic sprits in the trees, occult thigs, herbs, and you’ve got the general idea.

  27. JamesFrance says :

    postscript, the lyrics:

    I hear the fox, the wolf and the weasel,
    I hear the fox, the wolf and the weasel sing
    Michao’s mare and her foal, they got into the field, and ate all the hay
    When winter comes, when winter come
    Michao’s mare will repent herself
    And in ten years, I’ll be on my way

    I hear the fox, the wolf and the weasel,
    …, …, …, …, …
    And in nine years, I’ll be on my way

    There, fine folk songs. Imagine clogs, rough cloth and things if you will, which Bill and Chuck needn’t, they being rural 🙂

  28. JamesFrance says :

    In fact, it’s just as well to get a bit more used to rural, seeing as all there’s all this hullabaloo with Donal Dump there, and the British fascists and suchlike.

    John Seymour’s excellent book is a good thing to get hold of, I’m thinking:

    And, hush, but there is a sort of version one can look at here, just to have a look you understand, because there’s nothing like a good solid material copy. But just to have a look, here’s the ’76 edition.
    It’s brilliant, a really good read. Have a look folks.

  29. interiorbc says :

    These people can’t cross legally at the Canada / US border as they are both considered ‘safe countries’ so they have to cross wherever they can as they don’t feel safe where they lived anymore:

  30. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening All

    Happy Birthday Chuck!

    Inty, that is so sad, that they made it to the US and still felt they had to flee. I hope they’re happier in Canada.

    Testament of Youth on TV, I’d read it but not seen the film, so very sad. Also, never knew Vera Brittain was Shirley Williams’s mother.

  31. emmachisset says :

    evening folks,

    had a look at your link James, – couldn’t find the method for making your own selfie powders !

  32. emmachisset says :

    there was another tv adaption of Testament of Youth back in the eighties, or seventies,

  33. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    That was prob when I read it, Emms, but I didn’t know it had been on tv. I am a devourer of biographies, they don’t have to be of the rich and famous, often the best ones aren’t.

  34. justamentalpatient says :

    One of my current books on the go is Sue Perkins memoir.
    Tragicomic. Emphasis on comic.

    I can’t read it late at night for fear of disturbing the lad upstairs with laughter and upsetting the dogs with urine leakage (the last one only matters late at night as Jack barks at everything).

  35. emmachisset says :

    is the new version any good 51? i’ve been sleeping half of the day so might need something to watch during the night.

  36. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    It’s v good, Emms, I knew what happened, what with it being WW1 and that. Dominic West plays the father but you don’t see much of him, Miranda Richardson who I just loved as Elizabeth 1 in Blackadder plays the head of the Oxford college but the young 4, outstanding.

  37. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    One x**s I got Stephen Fry’s first autobiog and Paul O’Grady’s, I thought Fry’s would be the better written. Nope. At My Mother’s Knee (And Other Low Joints) is a proper lol whilst also being poignant.

  38. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I read all of James Herriot’s books in my teens and about 10 years ago read Jennifer Worth’s “Call the Midwife” and sought out her 2 others and then they go and turn them into TV series. That was interesting, the interpretations.

  39. emmachisset says :

    mm, remember reading all the Herriot books, didn’t like the tv series much – the books were in the bestseller lists for years, wonder if they’re still in print?

  40. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    They’re still in a box in my shed, Emms, if that helps. 😉

    Know what you mean, though, the tv series lost almost all the humour.

  41. justamentalpatient says :

    Probably, emms. The Yorkshire Vet (or summat like that) is on tellybox at the mo.

  42. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Until I gogglied just now, Justa, I had no idea that had anything to do with Herriot. Well, it sort of only just does in that it’s a fly-on-the-wall thing. I would have loved to have been a vet but just too very much squeamish. 😉

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