Friday 3.2.17


I think I stole this, without permission, from Charlie cat’s twitter …


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  1. justamentalpatient says :

    If he’s healthy (bar the snoring) make him sleep in the ruddy study!

    xen, you have my permission to go “justa” on his ass, if need be.

  2. neartheclocktower says :

    I guess I’m naive and never came across torch porn before πŸ™‚

  3. justamentalpatient says :


    Eh, eh?

  4. justamentalpatient says :

    Think it was the Spice Girls who said “Light up your life!”


  5. justamentalpatient says :


  6. justamentalpatient says :

    For when you need to see what’s up

  7. neartheclocktower says :

    Yeah, but he almost always goes to bed before me (and the watch). So I have no choice.

    I can hear him snoring now.

  8. neartheclocktower says :

    Justa, that seems to be a niche that I never knew of πŸ™‚

    nn lovely

  9. justamentalpatient says :

    I’m slightly tempted to suggest shining an LED torch on his mush, but that’s probably my nasty side.

    Find it strange, the lack of consideration. Is the study not a room he could use?

    Sorry, not my business.

    Wanna see more torches? Or some Paramos? Badonkadoink!

  10. justamentalpatient says :

    Take it easy, clocks.

    NN xx

  11. Paul says :

    Hi Clocks

    Is not unusual for couples to sleep in seperate rooms these days.Maybe you could convert the study into an extra bedroon for yourself. .

  12. justamentalpatient says :

    Oh, mama!

  13. justamentalpatient says :

    That’s my baby, BTW.
    One day I’ll have a jacket and other luverly stuff…

  14. justamentalpatient says :

    And when I find out who has been randomly setting off seriously big bang fireworks around here, they are going to get a slap!

  15. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Sort of Morning All

    Up with night sweats I think, bloody hot anyway and I turned the heating off before bed.

    Clocks, can you go for a fold out or new bed/mattress in your study? Given your health I think it’s the least the Mr should consider. Alternatively, I have to sleep with my Mum (sep beds) quite often and she’s a terrible snorer so buy these:

    I’ve tried other sorts but they’re either too hard or, well, just don’t work.

    Justa, I carry an LED torch at all times (car park with ill-lit steps, to my house further ill-lit steps), it was about 3 or 4 quid from Tesco. (I almost daren’t give a πŸ™‚ in case when I go to use it next time it gives out on me.) I have never seen such torch porn. πŸ˜‰

  16. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Btw, your 12.01am, Justa, I’d be notifying police if I got pic 2 shone in my bedroom window.

  17. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    USA’s interesting again. A Judge has said “What he said’s illegal, let everybody in” and so they are and there’s another scrambling around.

  18. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Very bendy one breasted cat there, Fings.

    Sleeps, like you needed another “thing”. Done the right thing sending it in writing, hope you kept a copy, though. Always keep a copy.

    I will “anonymously” post to your place of work “helpful suggestions” if you want, I fixed the printer (it wasn’t broke, it was bloomin W10, they stopped talking to each other without a trippy-over wire). πŸ™‚

    Tiger, good job (well, I hope it’s a good job) on the job. x πŸ™‚ x

  19. justamentalpatient says :

    Lug plugs are great. Until you have to go to A&E to get one removed. Embarrassing.

  20. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Errm, I’m not going to ask where you put it, Justa. πŸ˜‰ x

  21. justamentalpatient says :

    Us bikers can be strange, is all I’ll say…

  22. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    *Pondering where bikers might put waxy plugs*

    Back to bed I think, cooled down a bit. Nn lovely. xx

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