Monday, 16th January 2017


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  1. GrandpasBarn says :

    RIP Gene Cernan – Last man to walk on the moon.

  2. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Fab footage, Gramps. Folks are getting to that age, I suppose, but will remain legends.

  3. GrandpasBarn says :

    Yes, 51 – only 4 of the 12 who walked on the moon left.

  4. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    ‘Evening James, some fab shots there. And reminded me I have not travelled enough. My language skills are non-existent. I can order beer and wine, read the menu sometimes but that’s cos I did Latin and a little French in high/grammar school.

    Oh. btw, lots of Welsh nouns at least are based on Latin. But Welsh is almost impossible to learn.

  5. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    When the Earth’s fooked, so is the moon, so we can’t move to there. Not that I was planning to. But great that we got there. Mind, I’d have been a bit peed off if I’d gone all that way and found out I couldn’t snorkel in the Sea of Tranquility. πŸ˜‰

  6. interiorbc says :

    Beautiful pics James, you lot live in some incredibly historical places…including Nuneaton, lol.

  7. justamentalpatient says :

    Dave Allen

  8. justamentalpatient says :

    ‘nea’on’s got scads of ‘istory

    Just don’t tell the locals. It confuses them.

  9. interiorbc says :

    …especially if you say ‘scads’

  10. JamesFrance says :

    Hey all, I’m glad you liked Avila and Ronda, those vistas of Spain stayed up a few minutes,

    “all those visions lost in time, like tears in the rain,
    time… to watch something else”

    There, that’s Baty, with an added angle on consumer culture and our bottomless appetite for entertainment πŸ™‚
    Here’s Baty, as promised, wow, what a scene:

    with that Vangelis score. And here’s what teh Gruardnia had to say about it.

  11. JamesFrance says :

    Whoops, ignore that last one – some shysters have put some stupid commentary and techno-beat over it. Here’s the real thing:

  12. justamentalpatient says :

    Advertising again, inty?


  13. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Yay, a wine festival in winter, not enough of those around. πŸ™‚

    Nuneaton, fings wot I know: It’s the largest town in Warwickshire; 20 years and a day before I was born it was blitzed (fook, that fixes me nearer to WW2 than any other fact I ever learned about WW2 did); it has a market and has had one since a v long time ago. Errm

  14. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Bugger, should have said I know “scads of stuff” about Nuneaton. I don’t, though. πŸ˜‰ x

  15. JamesFrance says :

    Hmm, mildly embarassing – I posted that Bladerunner thing twice, thinking there was this over-dub thing.

    I’m ashamed to admit it’s because something started playing in another tab at the same time, and I’m too thick to notice πŸ™‚

    Hey ho, better to be a bit thick than an evil mastermind plotting terrible things like apple tart au melted gorgonzola chives with in some dark tower somewhere, that’s what I say !

  16. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    πŸ˜‰ James.

    Is now a bad time to say I was brought up eating apples and cheese or rich fruit cake with cheese? x

  17. justamentalpatient says :

    Eaton in the doomsday book. Name was changed when the convent arrived (nunnes eaton). long before that, there was a roman fort nearby, roman road (A5).
    Historicaly known for ribbon, sweets (treacle town) and mining.

    Produced a few famous names, too.

    Some locals think that the name Nuneaton comes from the dissolution of the monasteries. They think Henry VIIIs men arrived, only to be told that the nuns were dining and that they had to wait until the nuns had finished eating before they could ransack the place. Hence; Nuneaton.

    I kid you not.

    That’s how thick the locals are.

  18. Tybo says :

    Hmmmmnnn Nuneaton or Ronda? Ronda or Nuneaton…?

    Nah, think I will stick to Spain.

  19. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Sleeps, proper thinking about you cos don’t forget I’ve been somewhere near there and what Fings said, 10.59am was spot on, couldn’t have put it better. Your armour is info, darl. Honestly, honestly, could not be wishing harder for you if I tried. xx

  20. interiorbc says :

    nah justa, just thought you’d like seeing some of the fun things that go on in the dead of winter…wine fests are a charming bonus 51 πŸ™‚

  21. justamentalpatient says :

    Here’s lovely! Eh, tybes?

  22. Tybo says :

    Looks great inty. Do they make ice wine round your way? I had some Canadian ice wine once and it was gorgeous.

    Twice come to think of it but the first bottle which was reisling was really fantastic.

    Anyway, early night for me so NN

  23. justamentalpatient says :

    NN tybey-wybey

  24. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Can always try the Rhondda, Tybes. πŸ˜‰ (No, really, don’t!)

  25. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Oh lordy, Justa, you’ve reminded me of a trip my Mum wants to make. She thinks Ebbw Vale will be really pretty (cos it has Vale in its name?). I have tried to tell her it is an armpit. Before I had my car we set off there once, she’s a safe driver but she is slow and puts the car into a higher gear than it should be all the time, ie, 3rd at 20, sometimes in 5th at 30, so her car couldn’t make it up the Heads of the Valleys (A465), she was trying to do it in 3rd, I kept saying “drop a gear”. Arrgh, when they just won’t listen!

  26. justamentalpatient says :

    The ex’s folks were terrible for selecting gears, too. Usually the other way around. Although R had a bad habit of turning from major to minor in 4th…

    Most of the time they drive the automatic, now. Have to bite my tongue if they pick me up in the Vovlov [sic]

  27. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    πŸ™‚ Justa. Mum learned to drive during the fuel crisis of early 1970s. She was told at the time “keep a high gear, preserve fuel”. Not got that cars have changed a bit since then.

  28. Paul says :


    Wishing you and G all the best for speedy and positive outcomes to your health problems.

    It’s difficult times like these that often show people they’re a lot tougher and resiliant than they thought they were

    Take care and try and stay positive πŸ™‚

  29. justamentalpatient says :


    S had a helluva job getting R to even test drive an auto because they used to be crap.

    But as he’s had both hips replaced, S has had her shoulder done and is awaiting a knee replacement and they live on a farm, it was the best way for them to keep independence.

    R loves the auto car they have now!

  30. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    We have to sort one of those for Mum, Justa,and not like Mum’s not used to one, she drove a little Daff 33 auto in the later 70s and says she wants another one. (Not a Daff I hope) xx

    Well, that’ll be me then. Not here tomorrow, going out (I know, I know, “in the week” but intend to get blasted. Well, not “intend” but it’s an inevitability, I know who I’ll be with πŸ˜‰ ) Sleeps and G, best. xx

  31. justamentalpatient says :

    Right. Time for some kippage.

    Take care, lovely sleeps, G and H.

    Sure I’m not the only one whose thoughts will be with you. xx

  32. interiorbc says :

    Doomsday Book, a fascinating thing, amazing work.

  33. interiorbc says :

    all the best to G, H and sleeps.
    xox many times over.

  34. fingsaint says :

    yoohoo πŸ™‚

    BiiiIIIIIllll πŸ˜‰

  35. fingsaint says :

    I’m going in, keep me covered ….

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