Saturday 10.12.16

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  1. justamentalpatient says :


  2. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :


    Evening All.

    Tybes, I got new “updates” last night/today and I didn’t want to look just in case they did the same. Seems ok so far ….

    Justa, it’s ok to have a maudle. x

  3. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I’ve lost a bottle of vodka. I remember buying it last year and I don’t drink vodka, so I know it’s here somewhere ….

  4. justamentalpatient says :

    Could you have a look for me marbles, too?

  5. moonshines63 says :

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve lost a few of mine too ๐Ÿ˜‰ (starting to find them again)

  6. moonshines63 says :

    Hee-hee, bastard.
    It won’t play.
    Ah well, the sentiment is there.

  7. justamentalpatient says :

    There’s quite a few of us here. Which is nice.

  8. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Righty-ho, ladies, that’s 2 and a half bags of marbles and a bottle of voddie. I’ll bet they’re under the bed. Or the stairs. Or the back of the wardrobe. Or under the sink. Maybe in the shed ….

  9. Bill0 says :

    Wotcha Wendy.
    Great to see you.

  10. moonshines63 says :

    I ain’t no lady.
    Vodka used to be a regular tipple of choice.
    Still have one occasionally when I’m cooking the tea after putting sharp knives down.
    The Ignis vodka from Lidl is very drinkable
    Can recommend it. Not usually keen on anything black cherry flavoured, but it’s really warming (anyone who’s ever syphoned off petrol will know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
    Hah, looking at the blurb it says “enjoy alcohol responsibly”……..Nope.

    I’d better go ’cause I only came to have a quick peek and have a quiet gloat with Xen about the footy result (and in all honesty, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open ’cause I’m knackered after walking my little legs off this afternoon).

    The offer from Mr Moon is always open if you’ve got to the stage where you feel like you might do your pooter some serious damage.

    Reading back a little bit.
    Big hug for Slippy and hope you’re feeling better soon. xx

    Off to watch some telly (and probably fall asleep)

  11. moonshines63 says :

    I can’t leave without giving Bill the biggest hug EVER xxx

  12. Bill0 says :

    *reluctantly disengages *


  13. xenium1 says :

    Am watching RM now, Wendy. As a treat fir sitting through Strictly…

    Have just reached Marina Hyde in The G. She says ” never trust the humourless” – hear, hear. Been my rule of thumb since I were a nipper…

  14. xenium1 says :

    Twas either that or something called Michael Macinsummat’s Big Summat Or Other. We watched it last week. Laugh? I never even nearly did…

  15. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all ! I went to the halls xmas thing. I felt aged ๐Ÿ™‚
    We were supposed to bring food and drink from our nation. Therefore, I brought guiness, which is food and drink.

    I didn’t stay long though: distribute guiness, and retire for a good mug of cocoa ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s a laugh, this halls residence business. Even though it’s “postgrad / postdoc / staff” halls, the average age profile it distinctly skewed towards postgrad.

    Discussed above the thumping beat of the disco in the basement: We’re going to get things going on recycling, compost, sustainable energy, and also guitar classes for beginners ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. JamesFrance says :

    On other issues: Xen, when are you off back to Barca ?

  17. polly says :


    Emms: wondered what you were on about there, but figured out it was cos I got deleted on OiF for pointing out that saying ‘hope you are raped to death by Muslims’ isn’t a threat. Well it isn’t, it’s a hope – as I pedantically yet pointlessly pointed out.

    Anyway Amy Lame is genuinely nice in my experience, and doesn’t strike me as the shrinking violet type.

    I don’t want to minimise the fact that it’s probably quite alarming having someone threatening to kill you, but personally I’d be less alarmed if they were on twitter than say, standing outside my house.

  18. polly says :

    The people who threaten me are usually quite geographically close, though they haven’t yet got to the death threat point. Just the “I’m a very weird person who thinks shoving aggressive notes about extremely trivial things in BLOCK CAPITALS on scrappy bits of paper from spiral bound notebooks through your door is an example of effective communication skills” point.

    Still it could be worse, I could work with them, as I already said.

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