Saturday 26.11.16

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  1. emmachisset says :


    did you see that Vikings is starting again?, 30th of this month !

    another ten, or maybe 12 episodes, i forget the details,

  2. emmachisset says :

    hiya justa,,

    the reviews of the DB whisky were odd, some good, some very very bad , which may just be the haters…

    …but it does taste horrible 🙂

  3. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Emma: I wait for the boxed sets. I haven’t watched all of series 3 yet.

  4. GrandpasBarn says :

    You just have to keep posting on the Mail EC – eventually their mods get tired of censoring and let any old nonsense through 🙂

  5. emmachisset says :

    Series 4 is great, full of surprises, when i watched the first series i wasn’t overwhelmed, it was just ok, but it gets better and better as it continues,

    i do wish they’d make more use of the boats, the clearly have some/one real one, but don’t use it much, – maybe they hire it and it’s expensive.

  6. xenium1 says :

    My gawd, they’ve* just ordered another glass of wine for me!

    *Blame others. I have done since 1972… 🙂

  7. justamentalpatient says :

    Maybe the haters hate it because it tastes horrible, emmypoos

  8. xenium1 says :

    Was watching a film about Johnny & June at my mate’s house. When we first saw Johnny, we both cried “That ain’t Johnny!” Johnny was way better looking. A bit like my dad. We turned it off. Pah!

  9. xenium1 says :

    What a really sad post. I apologise.

    Anybody got any Kylie?

  10. xenium1 says :

    And I love the fact they’re showing on our adverts the whitest, most middle class, most Home Counties families in their effort to entrap us into their Xmas.

    Rule Britannia. God save the yadda yadda. We are the best obviously. Puke…

  11. xenium1 says :

    I’m dreaming of a black Xmas straight outta Compton. One that’s gonna fire your middle classes asses into the middle of next month.

    Jeez, I hate Britain. What ave we done to deserve this shite?

  12. JamesFrance says :

    Evenin’ all ! The singing in the couscous place was good.
    Here’s … some funk with a plot !

    “Dr. Funkenstein in his lab” features – have a look:

  13. xenium1 says :

    May the Gawdawful UK & all its elite stands for – & what you voted for – be destroyed in some shitstorm of their own making. Ha. Goodnight…

  14. Paul says :

    Given my restless contaminated state we’re sleeping in seperate rooms.Juries out as to whether the red wine i’m supping will help or hinder my recovery It’s at that feverish heady stage with my nose being like niagara falls one minute and totally bunged up the next.

    I’m happy to provide more details for a small fee.

    In the meantitme cos i’m feeling lonely ……..

  15. Paul says :

    Dewdrops keep forming on my nose ………..

  16. emmachisset says :

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