Sunday 13.11.16



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  1. Sleepychow says :


    I reckon with beer drinking it’s that you have to have several to get tipsy (or you do if you drink less than 5%) so it’s a longer experience (for some!) and more gradual.

    Wine can get tipped down a bit rashly.

    Spirits get get you walloped rather quicker. – Not that convivial. Good for warming the cockles but to have a session on them can lead to [somethingness].

  2. Bill says :

    Don’t care what it is. Drink it by the pint and somebody will get you home, eventually

  3. Sleepychow says :

    Wrapped up warm in bed is kinda where I wanted to be today, Nuits, but I settled for lying on the sofa … only slightly resisting the heavy eyelids whilst Ferris Beuler was on.
    Missed the end, of course.

    Then H & I watched Monster in Paris.
    A sort of remake of Phantom &/or Hunchback.mebs? Only with a giant flea … Of course.

  4. Sleepychow says :

    That’s your best chat up line, Bill.


  5. Sleepychow says :

    Ah yes, so I see in Wiki: Phantom.

  6. xenium1 says :

    And the generals well behind the lines, quaffing brandy, sleeping in feathered beds & riding around in chauffered-cars…

  7. Sleepychow says :

    I had a mate with the surname Palfreyman (sp?).
    He said it came from General-types who would charge into battle but made sure they had the slowest horses so that when they finally got there the battlles were already over.

    Or something like that.

  8. emmachisset says :

    “And the generals well behind the lines, quaffing brandy, sleeping in feathered beds & riding around in chauffered-cars…”

    “Any fool can be uncomfortable”, as one of them is supposed to have said 🙂

  9. Paul says :

    Red wine is what gives me the most pleasant feeling.Never been that interested in spirits and too much lager puts my bladder in over-gear.

  10. Sleepychow says :

    I used to do red wine but it ended up being too thick and heavy for my constitution.
    A glass of red then a glass of water worked better for me.

    I now mostly do ales (just small ones, you understand) but I do get windy.


  11. Paul says :

    This is the CU Sleeps so you can never be guilty of TMI.And as we’re approaching the festive season -again-you’ve got a perfect source of renewable energy at hand should the xmas tree lights go off on xmas day when all the shops are closed.Simply drink a few glasses of ale until you’re feeling windy then attach the plug of the xmas tree lights to the Chow Back Botty and then let rip.Those lights will come back on in an instant .

    ps Have you asked the First Lady Of Cyberspace whether she’ll be doing an ”At Home With Hermione” this year ? .Xmas just won’t be the same if we don’t get a glimpse of the 8th Wonder Of The World that is the Gingold Xmas Tree.

    Hope all’s well in Chowland 🙂

  12. Paul says :

    ps and is it true that our Fings is putting her beaver at the top of the Chundie Xmas Tree this year ?

  13. Paul says :

    And for anyone who’s remotely interested the following track is playing as i type

  14. Paul says :

    Haven’t seen the Welsh Chundie contingent for a while.Hope Lagrande,Fancyman,Monsewer and Liss are all ok.

  15. Paul says :

    And hope Eva’s ok as well .

    I’m off so nn Sleeps if you’re still about.

  16. polly says :

    For Bill….(bit of a downer I’m afraid).

  17. justamentalpatient says :

    Anyone who has not seen or wants to catch Cathy come home, it’s on Beeb4 now.

  18. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening Justa et al else still here. Appropriate Adult on ITV3. Seen it before, disturbing but see.

    J, question to ask you on fb if ok? x

  19. xenium1 says :

    Got it on my Loach boxset, Justa… 🙂

    (Smiley face for the boxset & quality of the film, not for the subject matter. Obvs.)

  20. justamentalpatient says :

    Yeah, saw that. Too much for me to watch again.
    I’ll be over in a sec, 51

    Not a nice watch, xen. Still I guess it beats a fascist on the BBC.

  21. emmachisset says :

  22. emmachisset says :

  23. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Ken Loach pure gold, Xen. We (the human species) need thousands of him. Is he speaking at your club, Justa? He spoke at Barry Hines’s funeral and has said, Barry informed his politics when they met as young men. Fabulous men, both.

  24. justamentalpatient says :

    Yes he is. Don’t know when, yet.

    I was going to pop in on Saturday in case he was with the other organisers, but head wasn’t up to being in public IRL. I’m sure the gaffer will mention that one wierdo was really looking forward to it (I might have been bugging him a tad!).

    I think the ex’s dad knew him when they were youger.

    Have to pick up my loony pills tomorrow, so will swing by (even if I don’t manage Lidl) and see what I can find out.

  25. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Look after yourself lovely, same goes for you, Cyan. A 2 cow a day diet, eh? Would have said it’s ages since I had cow but I think it was only a week or so ago I ate a huge chunk of one. Bonfire night, when was that? x

  26. justamentalpatient says :

    Every night for the last month going by the sodding fireworks around here.

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