09. 11. 2016


On Monday Dipper came to join me while I was working upstairs. There was a little plastic bag on the sofa. I heard a sound and turned to find that she had got into it, an and having bagged herself neatly, fallen to the floor with a bump.  There was a blue plastic bag with a tail sticking out of it. Then, still in the bag, she turned herself around.  Still didn’t get out of the bag though.  Self packing cats, handy!



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  1. justamentalpatient says :


  2. justamentalpatient says :

    “Sure, we voted for Brexit, but we didn’t let any of the fuckers run the country!”

    Love it

  3. Tybo says :

    Enough of bad films. I would really like to see a new good film.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

  4. justamentalpatient says :

    There’s one I want to see that’s directed by some fella from Nuneaton.

    Haven’t seen human caterpillar3 yet, either…

  5. interiorbc says :

    Remembrance Day on Friday:

    oh yes, I’m taking four days off…the busy season is approaching…

  6. interiorbc says :

  7. interiorbc says :

  8. interiorbc says :

  9. interiorbc says :

  10. Tybo says :

    Are there any car chases in it, Justa?

  11. TigerDunc says :

    I watched “In The Heart Of The Sea” the other night Tybo. The true story which inspired Moby Dick. Recommended.

  12. interiorbc says :

    All had good reviews…something for every taste as it were.

  13. interiorbc says :

    oh thanks tiger, I was wondering about that one.
    A Ron Howard flic isn’t it?

  14. Tybo says :

    I am not watching Dr Strange, Inty. It’s got Cumbersomebatch in it.

    Well, not until it comes on the telly.

  15. Tybo says :

    Hmmmm… I have a bit of an aversion to Howard. Not really an aversion, that is too strong. He makes a lot of meh, films it seems to me.

    But I will take your word for it, Tiger. Sounds like an interesting premise, for sure.

  16. justamentalpatient says :

    Probably, tybo. They do make for cinematic masterpieces, or so I’m told.

  17. jamesvalenciano says :

    ‘Evenin’ all, I think there was some cooking discussion earlier ? There’s an amiable cooking discussion on oif there, for example I just randomly wrote a list of things I often use here:

    I think it’s here as long as links work. I haven’t moaned about t’Graun for a while: it’s getting worse and worse. The soul has been sucked out of it, and so on and so forth.

    Still, it’s got good articles now and then, so nothing fatal.

    Incidentally, call me a mayfly or other flighty thing, but I’m not too bothered about the US thing now. Let them get on with it, I say, and learn a harsh lesson, I think is probably the situation here.

    If Trump triggers global environmental and economic meltdown, well then, there’ll always be love and music and romance, let’s face the music, and dance 🙂

    That was Nat King Cole, here’s Astaire and Rogers:

    Cole sings better, but Astaire sings differently. What can I say, see both, and forget sex offensing wierdos lying punk bankrupt maffiosi from New York, that’s what I say !

  18. jamesvalenciano says :

    Ok, this one is at 168. Neither too soon, nor too late.

    An early post can mean there’s nobody else around.

    And a late botteloping one, obviously, is a bad move because it is rapidly consigned to the CIF comment graveyard of yesteryear’s comments, faded, gone, and never to resurface *this bit leads into a song sung by Astair also tapping his way across an outrageous Hollywood set with Cyd Charisse looking suggestive and dancing better than Fred, sorry Fred but it’s true.

  19. jamesvalenciano says :

    So here, to continue the escapist theme there, is Charisse and Astaire:

  20. interiorbc says :

    James, I posted the film Brigadoon here last week…that had Cyd Charisse in it as well…

  21. jamesvalenciano says :

    Hey IBC, we film buffs eh 🙂

  22. justamentalpatient says :


  23. NuitsdeYoung says :

  24. TigerDunc says :


  25. justamentalpatient says :


  26. interiorbc says :

    Lots of quotes in references in lots of films James 🙂

    Here’s a good one “The American President”…Aaron Sorkin script, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Annette Benning, Michael J. Fox

    I don’t think the next occupant of the White House will be like this….

  27. NuitsdeYoung says :

    Inty: I love the loon chicks/ducklings/loonlets.

    Dad is going to the renal clinic on Tuesday; more news then, I expect. (He’s 82 tomorrow.)

    I have a job interview tomorrow.

  28. TigerDunc says :


  29. justamentalpatient says :

    Hope it goes well next week, nuits. Give him a gentle birthday squish tomorrow.


  30. TigerDunc says :

    They haven’t cracked our code yet J.

  31. justamentalpatient says :


  32. justamentalpatient says :

    Oh, FFS!


  33. interiorbc says :

    nuits, loon chicks are lovely…and they really do ride on their parents backs until they can keep up 🙂

    good luck with your dad and your interview.

  34. jamesvalenciano says :

    Good night all, here’s JJ Cale again, it seems somehow fitting today :

  35. justamentalpatient says :

    Shit, yeah. Didn’t clock the interview bit.

    Good luck, nuits.

  36. justamentalpatient says :

    Isn’t it great what elites can get away with

  37. NuitsdeYoung says :

    justa – Will pass on your good wishes to Dad over the phone. I am in Glasgow, he is in Hull.

  38. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Right, cos of stuff and that I thought long and hard about writing/posting this because I do realise how its timing might be misinterpreted.

    But the appointment I attended today was meant to happen last week but my consultant was ill. I think I already said that.

    Oncology does not need to see me any more. (He’s not an oncologist, he is my lead consultant.)

    He’s referred me to prosthetics and plastics (the 2nd in a different hospital) but no return to Oncology until next May, and only then if a not great result from the mammogram. If a nil result, they won’t call me in to tell me I’m fine. Which I think means they think I am now “fine”.

    I left the hospital at about 3pm. It took until about 9pm for me to think, know what, I think I’m fine?

    Thanks to everyone, you have been such a support.

    x 🙂 x

  39. fingsaint says :

    nuits, all the best for your dad at the renal clinic next week – and also for yourself at the job interview tomorrow x

    51, so glad that you are beginning to feel *mended* x

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