Monday, 10th October 2016


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  1. Bill says :

    Morning Fing. Where are you?

  2. fingsaint says :

    I’m here with you, Bill 🙂

  3. fingsaint says :

    Back in Sydney, as it happens.

    My 20 year old car managed to pass the pink slip (MOT) last month, but my friendly neighbourhood mechanic said that unless I spend money on the bodywork he won’t be able to pass it next time ….

  4. fingsaint says :

    So … I’ll be out and about looking for a replacement vee-hickle. Especially as we think we’ll drive to SA for Xmas this year which is a long way even for crows flying

  5. Bill says :

    I’d mislaid you Fing. Bloody cars. I wish I could do without.

  6. Sleepychow says :

    Clever spider, that.

    I like it when folk choose to brighten the world.


    Good to hear you’re back safe and sound, Fings.
    Do you know how much the bodyw**k repairs would cost? Might be worth keeping her on for a while; after all, you know this car and her habits and foibles … ? Or is it just “time”?

  7. fingsaint says :

    sleepy, I think the car has hit that point in its life when it’ll cost more and more to keep it on the road and it isn’t worth it, plus there’s the safety issue to consider. When I hired a car in Manchester I nearly went through the windscreen the first time I touched the brakes because I’m so used to pumping the floorboards to get my old car to stop 🙂

  8. xenium1 says :

    Barri Gotic, pot ser?

  9. fingsaint says :

    Je ne sais pas, mon canard

  10. fingsaint says :

    Et bien, au lit

    *mwahs In your general direction * xx

  11. xenium1 says :

    Nn, Fings… x

  12. Bill says :

    Did you get an invite to Sydney Zoo’s centenary party Fing?

  13. brusselsexpats says :

    Afternoon all,

    Glad you’re back safely Fings.

    Whirlwind weekend in London only possible because I was propped up with heavy duty antibiotics. Fell really ill on Wednesday, scarpered to the quack Thursday morning who took one look at my throat and took a sharp intake of breath in horror.

    It was a case of “I’ll give you a horse shot or you’ll get pneumonia if that goes down to your lungs.” So Friday on Eurostar with an array of medicines but they worked and I enjoyed everything (more of that later as I’m busy today) despite feeling a bit tired.

    Have a good day all.

  14. Sleepychow says :


    Will you be going to the Emirates Australian Open Golf Championship?
    Or the AACTA Awards? It’s the 6th one, you know.

    Or maybe you can have a last gasp with your car at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, the Supercars Coates Hire Sydney 500, or the dynamic interactive automotive experience which is MotorWorld Sydney?

    The Nielsen Park bush regeneration group looks interesting too.


  15. Sleepychow says :

    Look after yourself, Bru.

    Bru with ‘flu won’t do.

  16. Sleepychow says :

    … (I know you said pneumonia but that doesn’t rhyme.)

  17. emmachisset says :

    evening folks,

    free samples of salami at Marks ‘n’ Sparks tonight,

    It was ok, but the written description of ‘well balanced with a long finish’ ….

    the advertising dept. must have decided to apply the book of wine tasting cliches to the food.

  18. emmachisset says :

  19. emmachisset says :

    Working in a place today,

    In the kitchen, written large on the walls along with black magic symbols etc, was,

    ” The devils walks among you.

    His name is 1.10.1 ”

    a rather drunk woman ( at 10am ) came along, told me a couple of times what a good job i was doing and that I was ‘Georgeous’.

    Who am I to argue?

    Then she announced several times, very loud, that the last bloke that did the job was ” A FUCKING WANKER ”

    after than she advised me that ” They’re all fucking mad in here you know ”

    etc etc, ,………….it was the highlight of my day ( so far).

  20. emmachisset says :

    ( I meant gorgeous rather than Georgous 🙂 ).

  21. xenium1 says :

    Get you, Emms, working in “a place” – I wish I could work in “a place”… 😉

  22. Paul says :

    Evening all

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell Bru and hope you’re now on the mend.

    When you said your doctor gave you a horse shot i had a vision of you being injected with ketamine for some reason.But then it’s never taken much to send my imagination into overdrive.

    Hope all’s well with everyone else here.

  23. Sleepychow says :

    You’re going to have to start writing a sitcom, Emms.

    ^my best idea of the day^

  24. Bill says :


  25. Paul says :

    Language !

  26. Paul says :

    Season’s certainly changed and there’s a definite chill in the air.Double duvet’s re-emerged from its summer snooze and we many put the heating on tonight.

    Thought i’d share that bit of rivetting info.

  27. Paul says :

    we many ?

    we may .

  28. Paul says :

    For Wendy x

  29. brusselsexpats says :

    Aw thanks for the good wishes – I’m fortunate in that I respond well to medical treatment (touch wood) and the fact that I was doing something different was a real morale booster.

    We went to see the very last night of Carlos Acosta’s farewell tour and there were tributes and speeches. The audience (Royal Albert Hall packed) went wild whooping and yelling. I’ve seen this kind of reaction for Domingo back in the day but never for a ballet dancer. He must have built up such a fan base in London. One young woman sitting behind me with her husband was in tears and I don’t mean a few sniffles. It was a full-on, two-hanky squall. The poor husband looked a bit superfluous.

    Acosta will be concentrating on choreography, modern dance (easier on the body – he’s 43) and setting up a dance school in Havana for disadvantaged children – I think that’s lovely.

    Will talk about the rest of the trip at intervals as we packed in so much.

    Nighty night all.

  30. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening All, sorry I’m late. Got a massive spider web in my garden, between the shed and the first fence and a massive fat spider sits in the middle of it every day. It’s sort of amber with brown spots and just sits there, even when it rains.

    Anyhoos, I’m supposing you’re all abed now, what with it being a school night.

    Justa, if you look in, on its way with L tomorrow. xx

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