Saturday 8.10.16

Painted by Ernest Zacharevic

Happy birthday Boodge and Sipech


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  1. Bill says :



  2. emmachisset says :


    SpiderGoats !

  3. emmachisset says :

    re ‘liking’,

    I can’t like on the new computer, but can on the other, so mostly i don’t ‘like’ the banners when of course I do, only occasionally when i fire up the old machine, like now.

  4. Bill says :

    I have the same problem. “Like” doesn’t work on any of my pooters.

  5. xenium1 says :

    I can like on my phone.

    Morning. Off to see about a flying car! 🙂

  6. Bill says :

    Yes Xen.

  7. Bill says :


  8. xenium1 says :

    It flew! Amazing! 🙂

  9. Bill says :

    I’m starting my run up to totp. Brace yourselves for a week next Thursday.

  10. Bill says :

    Anyone want 50kg of tumbleweed I’ve collected? Be great on a wood stove.

  11. emmachisset says :

    tried to help my elderly neighbour sort out her gas bill today, on the phone.

    British Gas. She had the first go, and the guy put the phone down on her eventually.

    She’s polite, but just goes round and round in eternal circles, saying the same things !

    I tried next, sheesh, I explained to them that their own figures say that she’s using £20 a month, yet they’re demanding £56 a month from her, for no reason.

    All this idiot could say was ‘ that’s what the computer tells me’, – her answer to all my points.

    and then she put the phone down on me !, disguised by a ‘ I’ll just go and find that out’ but she never came back,

    Big Boo to British Gas

  12. jamesvalenciano says :

    Hello all, what’s up ?
    There was a story about that poor woman in Wales who bumped off her husband. Someone called Kentishman said “never report a corpse” so I found myself dreaming up a story to give the contrary lesson, and it expanded a bit.

    So here it is, if the stupid links work:

  13. jamesvalenciano says :

    Xen, what’s this flying car ?

    Other news: I have a chair meeting on Monday and can’t be bothered to do the presentation. It’s not hard, it’s saying banalities, but I can’t be arrr, umm, asked to do it 🙂
    Then another short one that afternoon on other stuff.
    Then another short one the day after on other stuff also.


    Hey, I’m going to chuck it all in and be a penniless artist type person living off the family like a sort of middle aged leech. How’s that for a solution?
    I can make tea 🙂

  14. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Evening All, any strictly fans in da house? V good all round, Ed Balls made me laugh – in a good way. 🙂

    Emms, has your neighbour thought of either switching or not doing it by direct debit? I had a bit of a battle with mine (SSE) a couple of years back and because the meter is pretty inaccessible, I insisted on having one of their people come read it, not just send estimated bills. I did give them the option of moving it to where I could actually read it (it’s in a brick built shed, down at ground level in a corner, I had a dislocated kneecap at the time and there is no lighting in the shed). Now, of course, they bombard me almost every week with literature about “smart meters” so they don’t have to send anyone and can shed a few more jobs. Nope, not having that.

    Oh, I bought some “hot chilli sauce”, I like hot. Gosh, is it hot.

  15. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, James, how is Paris in the autumn? 2 places I will never, ever attempt to drive again and one is Paris. The other, Rome.

    And how was Chitty, Xen, are we going to have “songs from the shows” one weekend soon?

  16. emmachisset says :

    gah, cif’s no fun these days, you go out for the day, and find there’s about 30 rude replies that need replying to, but of course all the threads are shut already ,

  17. boodgeisconfused says :

    Eh up (assuming I can remember my password…).

    Cheers for the birthday wishes – much appreciated.

    Hope all well, or, if not well, on the way to being pretty stonking.

  18. xenium1 says :

    Brilliant, 51. I believe a car can fly! 😉

    I reckon most of the adults there reverted to chilhood whenever Chitty was on show. There was lots of clapping along on the 3 or 4 occasions the car’s theme tune was played/reprised…

  19. emmachisset says :

    hi 51,

    Ah, ah, I’ve often said to her that I can find her a cheaper tariff, eg the one i’m on will do.

    Even British Gas have cheaper tariffs than the one she’s on.

    But she won’t listen, won’t take in the advice, nowt i can do about that.

    – there’s a small debt of £70 on her account , i really need to see her older bills to try and figure out how she may have built even such a small debit up, as she only has hot water, and a gas fire that she doesn’t use in the summer. ie no central heating.

    – her meter was read fairly recently, only the last 3months have been estimated so i doubt if that is the problem.

  20. emmachisset says :

    boodge ! a voice from the past. ( apologies, i didn’t notice your birthday . was it a banner? many happy returns anyhow ).

  21. boodgeisconfused says :

    Emma, yep, tis up there. Not main event – neither Si or I are really worthy of a proper banner these days. Which is all to the good. Nice to get a mention though!

    Really just passing through – but best wishes to everyone, and in particular Sleeps, Fings and Bill. x

  22. jamesvalenciano says :

    Hey Fifty, oh, Paris in the autumn is fine, probably, except my arrival is a bit hectic so I can’t tell very much. I have not yet had the time to wander about a good bit and revisit old haunts.
    Which old haunts:

    – Riverbank
    – Jardin des plantes
    – Cinéma des grandes écoles
    – Flamenco en France
    – Connolly’s Corner
    – Shakespeare & co. Which I only discovered this july ‘cos Jim from Dublin the bookseller told me to go. Before I was too much of a snob and thought “Bah, tourist slate”. It’s fantastic. People can go and volunteer and sleep over in the bookshop on the first floor. Not good for labour laws, but suspending my socialism for a bit, I say it’s fantastic.
    – Then there’s stuff 🙂

    All I’ve managed is to sit in a bar and drink with a mate of mine, and work, and look after the van of which the ignition stopped working (strange: usually, it always works. And I had it redone in Valencia in June, so it is a surprise).

    So that’s the news. But tomorrow, off again, but back on Thursday so that’s OK.

  23. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Happy Birthday Boodge, hope you’re being spoiled. 🙂

  24. jamesvalenciano says :

    That Connolly’s corner link is wrong, it’s some arts thing. Here’s another:
    And another:
    And finally, I’ll admite I’ve never actually been in there. It’s also an inverse snob thing, I tended rarely to go to Irish pubs in Paree. Now I’m older and wiser, I’ll go 🙂

  25. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Hhmm, horses, courses, James. I’m not personally a fan of Irish themed bars but many are. On the other hand, I’ve been in Wales 11 years now but I still do “tourist” things. They are all a bit history-ish, though; I’ve been down Big Pit (National Mining Museum) at least half a dozen times, St Fagans (Museum of Welsh Life) 3 times and still never made it to the main house cos all the other stuff is toooo fascinating – they’ll have an Edwardian pub dismantled in Cardiff and re-built there pretty soon, and it’ll serve real beer – and I find it hard to leave Cardiff without a quick pop into the Castle or museum. I even admit to a vague liking of Barry Island.

    Ooh, and Pontypool has a museum of rugby (Poolers) and “japanning” (lacquer-work). 🙂

  26. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Xen my little brother had a corgi-toy Chitty with removable figures of Truly, the Prof and the children and you pushed a little button and the wings came out of the sides. I always believed it could fly. 😉 x

  27. jamesvalenciano says :

    I’ve always been terrible at “tourist” things.
    To my regret.
    This isn’t on purpose.

    For example despite a decade and more, on and off, in Lunnon, I’ve seen very little. Science museum, I must have gone three times in all. John Soames museum. The British Museum? The new one I missed. Before it was done up, I missed that too: I never went.
    The Tower ? Nada.
    Kew Gdns.? Nope.
    Serpentine? Yep, loads, swimming. That’s not exactly a tourist attraction, and anyway, it was next to t’office.
    Pubs ? Loads o’ pubs 🙂

    Paris: Same thing. Eiffel tower ? Nah. I’ve been to the Louvre and the Pompidou a few times, but not for at least a decade.

    I’m a bad tourist 🙂

  28. NuitsdeYoung says :

    I long to go back to Paris… Still, mentally I still inhabit the North Tower…

    Had a great time in Italy (Ravenna, Bologna, Rimini, Urbino, SS Marino and Leo) with Dad, only to come back to my main work contract being ended next month and Dad having to have a scan to see if he’s got a kidney tumour. We await the results.

  29. NuitsdeYoung says :

    This is the Paris bookshop for me… Shakespeare seemed overpriced, trading on its history.

  30. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Very best wishes to your Dad, Nuits. I am walking proof they can do marvellous things.

  31. jamesvalenciano says :

    Nuits – noted !

    I’ll have a look.

    However I need some books in English, which I promised I’d send someone. So that’s Shakespeare &co. for that.
    Also I got quite a few books on my first ever visit last July from the book boxes out front which are cheap: about a fiver per book, I think it was.
    I’m a big fan of them now I’ve discovered them 🙂

    And sorry to hear about the troubles: When you get a moment, come by Paris, and we’ll meet up ! I’m by the Parc Montsouris on the southern edge, the Cité Universitaire metro stop.

  32. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Car insurance: Not due til end of November but I got quotes based on the same notional date: Compare the Market is £70 cheaper than Go Compare for the same cover (comprehensive) on the same vehicle (my Polo) with the same insurance co (Hastings Direct). So, now you have to compare the comparers.

  33. NuitsdeYoung says :

    I think it was Shakespeare only stocking books in English that I also found a bit off-putting. There was a ‘new books’ shop on Rue des Écoles, that was good and where I got an excellent illustrated and annotated paperback of my beloved Notre Dame: Compagnie.

    Am hoping to be able to get Pa over to Paris next year, if he’s OK – via the North Sea ferry and train. Choice of hotel would be the Cluny Sorbonne – where I stayed 3 years ago. I generally stick to ‘my patch’ with places.

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