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  1. emmachisset says :

    Went to ye olde Goose Fair in ’80, approx.

    Only thing i remember is the fairground rides…………you paid for a ticket then, instead of a queue to get on, you joined a scrum type mass crowd barging their way ahead.

    #gangs of ten yr olds pushing their way past, couldn’t get near the ride, gave up, no refund.

    The pubs were much the same in NOttingham, busiest i’ve ever seen across Britain,

    I remember it as, Fri and Sat nights, you joined the bar ‘queue’ about 6 rows away from the bar, everyone trying to push ahead……………..could take 20 mins to buy beer, and getting back thru the crowd carrying 3 pints wasn’t easy.

    They’re far more civilised down south 🙂

  2. emmachisset says :

    🙂 inty

    it must be time for a Terrance and Phillip clip ?

  3. emmachisset says :

  4. TigerDunc says :


    An old fair at which people used to sell a lot of gooses, but which is no mainly a huge fun fair Inty. Never been, but figure it has to be worth a look at least once.

  5. Bill says :

    Always worth a visit to the Old Trip to Jerusalem when in Nottingham. A pub in a cave under the castle. Then to the Salutation.

  6. interiorbc says :

    hmmm tiger, here was me thinking that there would be geese walking about, all very fall fair ish…looks like a very big deal, love the roundabout!

    You and the mrs should go, looks like fun.

  7. TigerDunc says :

    We will. There is a festival of sum sort here in Sheffland too this weekend.

    Bill – I’ll be driving, so no pubs this time round.

  8. Bill says :

    Can’t you catch the bus TD?

  9. TigerDunc says :

    Not all the way to Nottingham. Well not at the moment anyway.

  10. emmachisset says :

    Daily Mail comments do make me laugh, sometimes.

    “Cyclists cause INCREDIBLY more emissions than a car does! All the scores, hundreds even, of cars, buses, trucks having to brake for them, lose speed and then accelerate past them – the use of an engine that dramatically increases its emissions … all caused by their smug self righteousness.”

  11. interiorbc says :

    Happens in Vancouver too emms:

    “Vancouver police are deploying a permanent traffic enforcement team to patrol for “reckless” road behaviour from those who aren’t behind the wheel — such as cyclists, pedestrians and skateboarders.

    Acting Sgt. Brian Montague said the Targeted Enforcement Team began operating on July 6 and have already written 300 tickets — issuing the same number of warnings.

    Temporary enforcement blitzes have been conducted in the past on pedestrians and cyclists, but the new team will be a permanent fixture.

    “The majority of traffic complaints aren’t about drivers, they’re about cyclists and pedestrians. These are officers that are going to, through education and enforcement, deal with some of those problems, especially some of the individuals we deal with over and over again,” Montague said.

    “It’s a cyclist who rides on the road, up on the sidewalk, back on the road, across multiple lanes of traffic, through red lights — it’s not hard to find cyclists that ride like that. And it unfortunately paints all cyclists, it gives them a bad name.””

  12. emmachisset says :

    it’s crazy inty,

    tbf, many people on bikes are total idiots and behave as such, but they don’t do much damage.

    eg compare the number of pedestrians killed on the pavements by cars, to that of people injured or killed by ‘bad cyclists’.

  13. interiorbc says :

    Exactly emms.
    Although the bike lane thing in Vancouver has become a source of some heated debates.

  14. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    It’s late and I’m tired but I feel a quick update is due. I did 15 days of radiotherapy then was pronounced fully cooked. It was ok really. But 6 days after it ended, the effects still are getting worse. Burning and aching. So just in case any of you have to do this (and I really hope not), be prepared. Will begin to ease by this time next week, I am told by my nurse specialist who rang me today.

    I’m signed off for another month during which 1 more appointment at the Gwent but now because I’ve had radiotherapy they won’t do the final op (which is just a “put me right” thing) for about a year, apparently I won’t heal well for that time.

    So, Inty, 4th Thursday each month is Abergavenny’s Farmers’ Market, Abergavenny is v much a “foodie” town, I lived there for a while when I first moved to Wales, it is v much a “town of 2 halves”, the “have a big lots” and the “haven’t a pot to pee in”. The main market (Tues and Sats, if anyone’s going) are fab, the Farmers’ Market doesn’t even fill half the market hall – the main ones fill it and the car park below. Pretty good but for meat, it has to be the butcher on Flannel Street corner. Good veg and v good bread, cakes, odd things like “rhubarb ketchup” which I must try, home made jams and chutneys, etc. I’ll be off there in a couple of weeks. Don’t think I know any of the stallholders, though, which is odd cos I know loads of farmers in that area. xx

    Great food festival in September each year, Abergavenny although I have a feeling it’s getting a bit too big now. And not the freebies there used to be, wine, whisky, gin, ale, all produced in the area. Was advisable to go by bus. 😉

    Oh, and I used to know these 2 blokes, they went fishing off West Wales, crab, lobster £1 a go (they gave me some for free once, no clue why, maybe a glut), still alive though, so I was told kindest thing to do was an hour or so in the freezer, that way they go torpid, then into boiling water. Not seen those 2 for ages but I know the pubs they drink in, Abergavenny again, so, maybe lobster end of this month. I wonder how that would go with the rhubarb chutney? 😉

    Nottingham Goose Fair. Gosh. I’m told I went there once, don’t remember a pub in a crypt, well, don’t remember Nottingham Goose Fair, tbh. Must’ve been a good night. 😉 Btw, there is a pub in a crypt, or was back late 80s-ish, in Huddersfield; The Catacombs.

    Keep/get/stay well lovely Chundies, see you in a bit. x 🙂 x

  15. interiorbc says :

    I hope that is the last of your painful treatments 51…I know it’s to help you, but my word you have been a brave and (mostly) stoic girl.
    Better than I would have done in the circumstances, I can guarantee you that.

    I like the farmer’s markets where they sell the weird stuff, like rhubarb ketchup…the darling bought me mushroom ketchup at a market once, because I like mushies and ketchup, but it’s more of a sauce than a ketchup.
    It’s not bad though.

    That’s a good way to cook shellfish, freezing them first – I could never stand putting them straight into the water.
    Did you see the film “Julie and Julia”? there is a very funny scene about buying and cooking fresh lobsters.

    You take care, hugs to you and hugs to justa.

    Oh yes, seem to be locked out of the Graun comments again, no fault of my own, no modding or anything like that, just some kind of log in issue, my name shows up on the home page, but I can’t even click on it to see comments or replies, and the throbbing blobbies are there with the ‘trouble loading’ comment, and then I can’t log in to comment.
    Happened about 6 months ago…annoying.

    Nothing compared to what you are going through, do take care dear girl.

  16. interiorbc says :

    Tempting treats from the Abergavenny Food Festival:

    Toffee-onion marmalade sounds good!

  17. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Justa is having pc problems, Inty, and other stuff she feels she needs to devote her time to. I promise you, love her as I do, we are not joined at the hip, she will come back when she has the space to. xx

    We have mushroom ketchup, it’s sort of a veggie version to Lee & Perrins, cos Lee and Perrins has anchovies in it. So it delivers the “umami”, not sure what that is!

    Re your Graun problem, have you tried searching for yourself, your comments and signing in from there? No clue if it will work, but it might?

    Tbh, think I have to come back. Cos I miss so many of you so much. xx

  18. cyanbloo says :

    Heya fiddy,
    Good to hear your close to the end of your arduous journey. Shame about having to wait so long for the last inastallment but youv’e been a brick in a tough and testing time. It will be time to heal fully.
    I think treating yourself is certainly in order so lobster and any other such succulent indulgence you fancy, you deserve it.

    I’ve only had lobster once (chapter 1) which was the result of me taking up a mates offer to accompany him on a free two week return ticket to new york. (The old hoover offer debacle)
    Problem, i had the sum total of £100.00 and he had (the rockefeller) a princely £180.00. Of course a problem is just a solution pleading to be heard. Naaaaa!
    Ignore it.Just wave a vague gesture in it’s general direction in the form of packing a light two man tent and a bit of camping gear.
    Problem solved. Now we were certain to survive two weeks in new york on £280.00.
    Off we toddled to the airport.
    At this stage i am going to leave you in suspenders😜
    I will elaborate further on how all this leads to prostitutes and pimps, an unlikely but timely reunion, the home of batman and superman, the ymca until we arose in spanish harlem.
    (I may finish all the chapters with a tune)

  19. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Ooh, camping in New York sounds like quite an adventure, Cyan. Really good to see you too. xx

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