Thursday 29.9.16

Flower arrangement by Rebecca Louise Law


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  1. Sleepychow says :

    Well done me.

    AND with a fing around!

    *awards self second shiny star sticker of the day*

  2. fingsaint says :

    Bastarrrrrrdos! As they say sur le continent 😉

  3. fingsaint says :

    Right, must get my act together for another day- catch you later guys

  4. Sleepychow says :

    Laters, Fings.

    I have now decided that the day will go quicker if I make myself useful so …

  5. Sleepychow says :

    Washing up done, laundry folded.
    Might risk taking in the towels on the line …

  6. polly says :


    I presume Emms the two gallons of beer was ‘small beer’ which was considered safer to drink than water back in the day. Basically everyone was constantly mildly sloshed under the feudal system.

  7. polly says :

    I realise you’ve probably gone by now fings, but I’m getting a second hand wardrobe tomorrow, courtesy of Jesus, which I intend to paint Duck Egg, and I’ve got some fancy handles from ‘Home sense’ (which is a good shop if you’re looking for fancy home stuff cheap).

  8. interiorbc says :

    hmm, wine and beer and pea pickers…

    when I was in grade VIII we had a geography teacher from Wales who taught us more about hops and hop farming than anyone ever needed to know.
    It was very interesting though, all sounded very romantic.
    wasn’t it Maugham who wrote about the vacation of poor Londoners to the hop farms?
    I am trying to remember the book, but I do remember the story (sort of.)

    Years later I found hop plants for sale, and I bought a few, which crawl over the mr’s shed outback, and produce lovely little green hops, which I use for crafts.
    Very hardy plants.

  9. interiorbc says :

    You have ‘Home Sense’ there polly?
    We do too, and you’re right, it’s a good place for decent home stuff.

    Anyone seen justa or 51?
    I haven’t had time to be here much this past week, and may have missed them…or?

  10. Sleepychow says :

    Result could be worse. Could be a helluva lot better.
    It’s over now.

    On with life.

    Thanks for all your support.

    To The Cheap Greek.

  11. Sleepychow says :

    51 left a message for you.
    I think it’s at almost the end of yesterday’s thread (or maybe the day before).

    bye for now

  12. interiorbc says :

    Thank you sleeps, please give 51 and justa my very best, and I hope to see them here sometime in the future.
    I will always think of them fondly, and have enjoyed their friendship, jokes and sharing of sympathy and ideas.

    I may have to join FB after all…I shall continue to be around, but I am so very sorry that they do not feel safe here.
    That makes me sad.

    I have always been happy that this spot existed, especially after the demise of ytu.
    Very best wishes to all.

  13. polly says :

    Oh dear sleeps, hope you’re ok.

    Hi Inty, yes we’ve had home sense for quite a bit, it’s very good for those bits and pieces that cost a fortune elsewhere.

  14. polly says :

    I’m not a monarchist, but you have to have a heart of stone to not think this is a VERY cute picture.

  15. justamentalpatient says :

    Hey, inty.

    I am mostly just taking a break from CU. I’m big enough and ugly enough (an OG-ism) to cope with silliness most of the time. But other shite needs my attention at the moment.

    I’ll pass on your best to fiddy and will be back. Like that annoying Austrian fella (no, not the one with the silly moustache).

    I hope that all is well with your clan and various canine pals.

    Take care, lovely Canuckian.
    Hope to see you soon, chick.

  16. Tybo says :

    Evening all.

    Re the topic of the day. Cannabis family, hops, you know.

    I never picked hops but have been to a Kentish outdoor museum that had a hop-pickers shelter. One of our members used to go picking when he was younger and requested the trip.

    Most of our older people did not though because they were North Londoners and it was an East and South East London thing.

  17. justamentalpatient says :

    Just read back.

    Thanks fings, it’s more my own stuff TBH. Trying to do what’s healthy rather than ending up back in hospital. Thank you for the kind comment. I’ll be back, chick! With tales of doggy farts, and all.

    sleeps, make sure you use a separate towel and cloth for face washing in the meantime. If you find bits stuck together when you wake or worsening of symptoms, go to the doc, do not pass go, do not collect £200.
    Eyes are bloody important, ask emms!

    Take it easy, guys.

  18. interiorbc says :

    That’s interesting Tybo, why was that?

    Good to hear from you justa, take care of yourself, and channel your inner Arnold, lol. hugs to ‘fiddy’ and your lovely doggy.
    Stay healthy, you’re important.

    Taking some vacation time and going to craft fairs so long weekends coming up 🙂

  19. Tybo says :

    Sorry, Inty, wandered off.

    Basically the hopfields, or at least most of those close to London, were in Kent. So that is south west of London. I am not sure why so many East Enders went but there were river crossings (though not bridges) East of Tower Bridge so I guess they went over the Woolwich Ferry or something.

    In actual terms of accessibility, the East End would not really be that much easier than central North London, Camden/Islington so it is a bit surprising that more people from Camden did not go. But East London is nearer as the crow flies.

    So I don’t really know, is the short answer.

  20. interiorbc says :

    Still interesting Tybo…I think the Maugham novel I am thinking of is “Of Human Bondage”, dreadfully sad through most of it, but if memory serves, the main character has a happy ending which focusses around the hop picking.

  21. Tybo says :

    I keep meaning to read that, Inty. Mostly because I went to the ceremony at which Derek Cohen of SM Gays was made a saint by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    He chose St Derek of Human Bondage as his saint name.

    It was a very moving ceremony with readings; on was from Doc and Fluff by Pat (now Patrick) Califia and the other was from one of the Moomintroll books.

    IIRC it was about Moomintroll packing a suitcase to go on holiday.

  22. Tybo says :

    OK I am off to bed as it is getting late in these here parts.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a hop pillow to guarantee sleep!

    Night, Inty.

  23. interiorbc says :

    Have a read Tybo, but don’t be depressed when you start, it gets pretty sad.

    Interesting story about your friend Derek, I love that name, means ‘a great ruler.’

    Thanks for the tip on the hop pillow, amy have enough to do that, had no idea.

    Take care, CU all Monday.

  24. fingsaint says :

    Momintroll *check*
    Derek Cohen and SM *check*

    But I can’t make the connection to Somerset Maugham’s novel. Any chance you can lend me your thought map GPS, tybo? 🤔

  25. fingsaint says :

    Bye inty, Havva good weekend x

  26. Sleepychow says :

    New banner not showing but it’s there somewhere.


  27. Sleepychow says :

    *deploys small spanner*

  28. Sleepychow says :

    So, I can’t see a “next post” arrow thingoid but if I reload CU from scratch it’s there.

    *deploys small hammer*

  29. Sleepychow says :

    *deploys large sledgeh … *

    oh, it’s there.

    Move along.
    Nothing to see here.

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