28. 09. 2016


It’s a tortoise called Angus, in a kilt, pulling a barrel of mead.  Must be nearly…  No, hang on, I don’t have any idea what it signifies.    Here he is apparently taking a stuffed squirrel for a ride.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot1u4xStSaw


59 responses to “28. 09. 2016”

  1. xenium1 says :

    But first.

    ¡Toma ya! 🙂

  2. fingsaint says :

    My thoughts are with you Sleeps for tomorrow xxx

    Loving the chundiis tunes *bops*

  3. fingsaint says :

    Safe travels xen. xx

  4. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    I think that schadenfreude is a horrid thing.

    I also think emotional blackmail is a horrid thing. And sibling rivalry and avarice. They are horrid things too. We are currently fighting to get my little brother into the Will, thereby all losing financially ourselves other than him. But, you don’t know us.

    The rest I have to direct to lovely Inty:

    I am sorry, I and others feel we are not safe here. There is supposed to be a rule, you feel safe here. I don’t and I know for sure, there is another, no, not the one you all think, also feels unsafe here. I cannot be honest here if I forever feel I have to look over my shoulder. And if I cannot feel safe there is no point at all being here. The one you are all thinking of will speak for themselves. But just so as you know, we are in contact and supporting each other. For that friendship, I will always be grateful to CU and OiF.

    Update on the cancer front: Day 14 of radiotherapy down, my main radiographer reckons all looking good, 15 should be all I need. I will find out for sure tomorrow, I can once again make plans. I fucking love the NHS and I will knit for Velindre (my local cancer hospital and where I currently go every day) cos I will never do a marathon (their other main fund raiser) They ask for little knitted chicks and duckies which they then stuff with choccy eggs and make loads at Easter, or ickle knitted santas and snowmen, ditto for x**s. Blooming least I can do. I will be fine, lovely. I have been determined to be from the start.

    Sleeps has my email if you want it, Justa and I are friends on Facebook. Well, Justa and I are friends, firmly. But I think that will come as a revelation to no-one at all.

    All the very best to everyone. Bill, it will come and it will go. Think of the chooks and ta for putting my pics right. Xen, I don’t think you should do it but fucking Brexit stuffed you right up. Sorry, mate, and you have been a mate. It wasn’t me. Clocks my lovely, just keep on keeping on but really do, make sure they get to the bottom of stuff. See, I had a “thing they could put a label on”, Yours, more complex.

    Miss all of you but one bad apple actually does.


  5. neartheclocktower says :

    51, I’m missing you. Thanks for the update. I hope you feel able to come back soon.

    Xen, no thanks needed. It was the least I could do to offer a safe home for your sausage. Safe journey tomorrow.

  6. neartheclocktower says :

    Fings, are you still in Milano. Have you been to the lakes? Bergamo? (A fave place of mine.) Where to next?

  7. neartheclocktower says :

    Well, bedtime for me. nn lovely chundies

  8. emmachisset says :

    can’t f’ing sleep…………………..

    I blame Sobriety…………………………nothing to drink last night………………………….

    ………….so am trying a glass of whisky the noo, purely as a sleep aid 🙂

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