Friday 9.9.16


Bird’s eye view of lotus ponds in Zhengfu Village, Tongxiang City, east China’s Zhejiang Province. A lotus garden with more than 100 lotus ponds was open to the public displaying nearly 300 varieties of lotuses and water lilies.


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  1. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Oh, my brother’s band, who are still googlable after all this time, covered either this:

    or this:

    can’t remember which now.

  2. fiftyoneandabitmorenow says :

    Hehe, not a bad 101

    G’night lovely chundies, see you the morrow. xx

  3. cyanbloo says :

    My guest has now departed, i am little “bleary”😃
    But as for daddy longlegs i’m all for out the window, fiddy.
    It’s not for lack of affection for their gangly teenage, like “how come my legs are too long” or clumsy “out of my way, badly driven daddy longlegs comin’ through” form of getting about. It’s because, like many of the insect bods we see briefly, of a season, we are witnessing them in their adolescent prime, resplendant in their insectoid prom get up, on the look out for the main event and a happy ending . (Quite possibly forlornly.) The party they crave is not in your living room, it’s out there. So as one ushers them through the open window one might jolly them on with a rousing “go cassanova” or “shake yer booty girl” or somesuch as appropriate, and know we have done our matchmaking bit for them. (Best not to ellucidate on their actual chances or in the event of succes that it is not likely to go well for them post post coital glow. They never listen anyway) bloody teenagers.

    I always maintain that spiders are “strange when they’re a stranger” so proper, but informal, introductions are a must in social situations. (It can often avoid those embarassing and awkward “ick! It’s a spider” squishy situations from the more specially intolerant.) A useful tip is to quickly point out some minor shortcoming in each party inciting both to respond with a similar embaressing
    revalation on onself and thus bonding in an act of retaliatory denogration. Often of course, a simple “Phil (hypothetical guest) meet Dilbert (actual spider i named-i asked his pemission and he was cool with being named on the thread although he did want me to point his official web name is “ibit-p.parker147.” This is apparently a popular online name for spiders when they are on-line. I have also been told that spiders rarely use the word surfing for being on line and substitute the word “dangling” in it’s place.) Dilbert meet phil. (To finish the introduction and the sentence i began some time ago.)
    Hope that goes some way to answering your question, inty.😄

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